3 Common Causes of Back Pain: A Chiropractic Explanation

3 Common Causes of Back Pain Explained by Dr. John Battershill

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What are some of the most common causes of back pain Chiropractors see in their office daily? While a slip on ice or sport injury might be the immediate cause, what your Chiropractor sees in the treatment room is usually interpreted by them quite differently.

With that in mind, here are the three most common causes Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor at Revelation Health Centre in Calgary, sees in patients regularly:

#1 – Injury to the Low Back

One of the first most common causes of back pain I see is injury to the low back that compresses the bottom two or three vertebrae which then weakens the nerve supply to the big gluteus maximus muscles. When these muscles are weakened, the pelvis becomes unstable and can shift in abnormal directions which may result in pain and sciatica. 

#2 – Unstable Ligaments

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Another of the most common causes of back pain I see is unstable ligaments. When this happens, they do not hold the sacrum properly to the pelvis on either side, creating muscular over contraction on the front right and back left or front left and back right.

It is almost always crossed over which creates three very common misalignments with the pelvis rotating one way and the spine rotating the opposite way. This creates a rib cage that drops on one side and elevates on the other. It can also create pain that can come from the spasming short muscles or pain that can come from the muscles that are stretching.

This very often leads to people coming in with mid back pain because of the torque in the rib cage. It also un-levels the shoulders, creating abnormal muscle compensation in addition to pain in the neck.

Adrenal stress can also have the same effect on weakening the ligaments around the pelvis and also result in the situations described above.\

#3 – Low Functioning Digestive System

The third, but not the least of the common causes of back pain I see is that many people are not aware of is having a low functioning digestive system. If the digestive system is not working properly as indicated by symptoms such as bloating, gas, tiredness after eating, and/or cravings of sugar for short term energy, it can shift the rib cage and contribute to the exact pattern I stated above in #2.

Treating the Underlying Symptoms of Back Pain

We like to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms at Revelation Health Centre so that when a patient is out of pain, the symptoms will not come back. Also see these 4 Ways RHC Can Help With Low Back Pain.

To treat the underlying causes, we do the following:

  • A full neurological assessment of the area of pain and discomfort
  • Interpret the effects that stress is having on the patient’s physical body structure
  • Include Chiropractic assessment and adjustment(s)
  • Include soft tissue evaluation and treatment
  • Encourage self-help recovery by doing rehab homework exercises

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