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Chronic Pain Clinic in Calgary: Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

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Are you suffering from chronic pain somewhere in your body? If so, chances are you’re not the only one. Musculoskeletal pain is common among Canadians across the country, including right here in Calgary.

Treatments vary greatly for pain management. One common option is opioid therapy, but with a rising concern about the addictive nature of these pain killers, many health practitioners are suggesting patients look at alternative methods for pain management that do not carry such dangerous risks.

Chiropractic Care is one of these alternatives, which has been shown by various clinical studies to be effective in treating chronic pain in the neck and back.

Case Studies: Chiropractic Care Works

In 2013, a case study found that only 14% of patients who were referred to Chiropractic care for pain management were subsequently prescribed narcotics, versus 43% who did not see a Chiropractor

In 2016, a case study showed that regional usage rates of Chiropractic care and opioids were inversely related to one another. The study recommended Chiropractic manual therapy as an initial treatment for neck and back pain.

Identifying the Cause of Chronic Pain

Dr. John Battershill, one of the Chiropractors at Revelation Health Centre, has been treating patients with chronic pain in Calgary for over 30 years.

Identifying the root cause of the chronic pain then creating a holistic and drug-free treatment plan is an essential part of both Dr. John’s and Dr. Keith’s chronic pain treatments.

This begins with an in-depth physical and verbal assessment.

How Do Chiropractors Help Treat Pain?questions concerns calgary chirorpactors

Without the use of drugs, Chiropractic care can help treat chronic pain and be an effective pain management option.

Combining patient education, manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy, spinal decompression, and other methods of Chiropractic care, a unique treatment plan is created to tailor to the need of each patient and work towards relieving chronic pain.

#1 – Practitioner-Patient Communication

Practitioner-patient communication is key for RHC’s Chiropractors to be able to understand where the chronic pain is coming from and how to move forward with pain management.

Topics of discussion typically include, but are not limited to:

    • Lifestyle choices
    • Diet, nutrition and supplementation (if any)
    • Identifying stressors – chemical, physical, emotional
    • Past + current injuries and / or health conditions
    • Misconceptions about pain
    • Self-management strategies for pain and recovery

For example, through practitioner-patient communication it may be discovered that the patient is eating a lot of inflammatory foods like sugar, alcohol and red meat.

Eating more foods which are alkaline in nature may help restore pH levels in the body and reduce chronic pain in the soft tissues, joints and other parts of the body. Also see:

#2 – Manual Adjustments & Joint Mobilization

Manual therapy, a common method of Chiropractic care gently mobilizes the body and can help restore function in the organs, soft tissues and joints.

Subluxations, also known as “misalignments” in the body, can cause one muscle to compensate for weakness or injury in another muscle.

Subluxations are “re-aligned” by manual therapy adjustments performed by Chiropractors. This has done wonders in terms of pain management for many patients at Revelation Health.

#3 – Spinal Decompression Therapy

One of the worst conditions causing chronic pain to have are slipped / bulging discs.

Dr. John uses a special Cox Technique table which was specially engineered for spinal decompression therapy.

This helps reduce compression points on the spinal discs and vertebrae through flexion-distraction.

Learn more about Cox Technique and how it can help you recover from chronic back pain in Calgary:

#4 – Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy like “active release technique” can help restore normal length and function in the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This method of pain management can also help breakdown adhesions to the joints and associated soft tissues by breaking down scar tissue that has formed from previous injuries.

#5 – Posture / Ergonomics

Poor posture is a common cause of chronic pain in patients. Studies have shown that the more your head slouches in front of your shoulder blades, the more strain is caused on the neck.

Many people don’t realize they have poor posture and suffer from chronic neck and back pain.

Our Chiropractors will make recommendations to improve your posture and ergonomics, which will help treat chronic neck and back pain.

#6 – Physiotherapy Exercises

Our Chiropractors will prescribe do-it-at-home physiotherapy exercises to help improve muscular strength and function.

A variety of exercises may be recommended depending on the cause of the chronic pain, its severity and where it’s located in the body.

Also see our list of home exercises to help with mobility and strength:

#7 – Cold Laser Therapy

Another common form of chronic pain management used by our Chiropractors is cold laser therapy.

This cold laser blasts your cells with light energy and initiates accelerated healing by providing the mitochondria (the power plants of your cells) with additional fuel.

Cold laser also helps reduce inflammation while restoring balance by amplifying your body’s ability to heal.

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