Chiropractor Talks Anxiety & Depression: Don’t Let It Take You Out!

Don’t Let Anxiety & Depression Take You Out!northwest chiropractors calgary anxiety depression stress worry fear

Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor at Revelation Health Centre in NW Calgary, explains what he has learned over the years about how anxiety and depression can affect your brain function.

Here’s what he has to say:

” Over the past eight years, I’ve learned an incredible amount as to how anxiety and depression can affect the brain function in patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Anxiety and depression can be related to specific parts of the brain functioning at a lower ability or level than other parts.

It would be nice and simple if taking a pill would correct this problem, but unfortunately this approach doesn’t address the cause and is likely to work only over the short term.

Cortisol Levelshormone levels cortisol levels chiropractor chiropractic care

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, although there are times that anxiety is a side effect of having high cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by your adrenal glands. When cortisol levels are high, one of the main negative health concerns is excess anxiety.

Cortisol can spike during times of stress such as public speaking or taking an exam.

Medications for anxiety don’t provide any help in lowering the cortisol.  The concern then is you are taking a drug with potentially harmful side effects that isn’t lowering your cortisol levels and is causing the anxiety to begin with. The anxiety gets masked in the short term but not corrected.

Food Cravingsbrain nw calgary neurology chiropractor concussion rehab

So how do you know if your anxiety is a result of high cortisol? Sometimes it can be linked back to what foods you crave. Foods which can increase or cause anxiety like symptoms include high sugar foods, caffeine, alcohol and processed / refined flour.

If you crave sugar and have anxiety, you may have low serotonin or you may not be able to access the serotonin in your brain. This inability to activate serotonin results in anxiety.

Tests You Can Do

You may also want to complete hormone and/or cortisol level tests.  These can be as simple as collecting some of your saliva at specific times of the day for a few days and sending it to a lab for analysis.

Why would this be beneficial?  Some females diagnosed with depression have low progesterone.  Naturally increasing your progesterone if this is the case can lift the symptoms of depression.

Chiropractic Care Can HelpDr. John Battershill NW Calgary Chiropractor

I know how to read the signals your body is sending out via your nervous system. Together we can determine whether your anxiety is a result of high cortisol or if something else, such as a hormonal imbalance, is the cause.

Chiropractic provides a unique perspective to healthcare because it considers you as a whole person versus your complaint and activates your nervous system so that your brain and body communicate more effectively.  It is safe, low risk, non-invasive and can improve not just your physical health but also your mental health!

If anxiety is something you struggle with and you would like to get to the root cause please call and book an assessment today. I would love to be able to help you regain your brain and defeat any anxiety / depression you may have!”

Yours in health,

– Dr. John Battershill


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