5 Chiropractor Patient Reviews for Revelation Health

5 Reviews: What They’re Saying About Revelation Health Chiropractic

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Reviews are one of the most important way of finding a service that suits your needs. Chiropractic, for example, is of no exception, with many patients who are looking for a Chiropractor relying on Google and Facebook reviews to find the right practitioner for their next treatment.

Revelation Health’s Chiropractors takes pride in helping their patients get relief from symptoms while treating the underlying causes. It starts with collecting information from the patient through various assessments and verbal communication, then creating a unique treatment plan tailored to their needs.

Here’s a few reviews that our patients have graced us with as of late. Also see more Revelation Health Chiropractic Testimonials here!

Tyler Semmens


“Dr. Keith and all the staff have been keeping our active family of 4 healthy and strong mentally and physically for over a year now. All of us have seen health benefits and increased results mentally at school and in sports. Can’t say enough stuff about all the preventive health beliefs and education the clinic has provided for us.”

Kristi Sheldan


“I first saw Dr. John about 14 months ago, after I had my kidney removed. I started a clean eating plan and was determined to become the healthiest I could possibly be!

He was very thorough and patient with me, explaining the steps I needed to take and the commitment required on my journey to optimum health. I received a review of the key concepts which listed all his findings in terms of initial intensive care, reconstructive maintenance care and prevention and wellness care personalized for me! He also explained my food sensitivities and supplements to help nurture and heal my adrenals, thyroid and other issues I had.

Dr. John’s Team, Leanne and Andrea are always warm and welcoming, just like family. I am so grateful to Dr. John and his team for all that I’ve learned but mostly for guiding me back to the healthiest I’ve ever been!!!”

Linda Lunn Ryder


“I first visited Dr. John a year ago when I was having rotator cuff issues (pain I had been experiencing for almost 2 years). Dr. John was able to find the root of my pain – my liver and digestive system – and I was able to start going to the gym within a week of my first visit! I am so thankful for visiting his health centre. Dr. John has a wealth of knowledge and I benefit by his treatment recommendations every day – ways to relieve stress and neck pain and feel great. 😊”

Sunday Dickson


“Dr. John is just awesome with his treatments. He starts from the very root of the problem, from inside out. He makes sure you as a patient understand what your issue is, what the treatment involves, what is the desired outcome. He sees to it that you leave his clinic better than the way you came in.

I highly recommend him to anyone who’s in need of the services of a Chiropractor any day anytime because there are Doctors and there are Doctors if you know what I mean.”

Murray Douglas


“With Gratitude for Enhancing My Quality of Life.

From the relative early age of 10 when I accidentally fell out of a barn loft driving both my knees into the floor of the box of an old farm truck, I have experienced numerous spinal-related issues. My fall did not limit or prevent my involvement in any activities normally associated with growing up and entering adulthood. I grew to accept the changes and compensations my body created to adapt to my fall believing that everything was normal. On the odd occasion when my physical wellbeing compromises reared their painful heads, I realized that I had been coping my entire life with an extremely high pain tolerance. Ultimately, my physical compromises caught up with me some sixty years after their inception. From early 2014 onwards, my spinal-related issues with my lumbar spine invoking my right sciatic nerve served to literally immobilize me as well as place me in constant and extremely relentless intense pain. Multi-faceted medical interventions, including medications, regular corticosteroid injections, nerve ablation procedures and laser therapy, only temporarily eased my pain. An MRI showed three protruding discs, a herniated disc, and disc fragments in my lumbar spine area that seemed to be working in concert with my sciatic nerve. After having a medical spinal assessment, I was referred to a spinal surgeon for a surgical consult for which I have been awaiting now for 8 months.

A renewed lease and outlook on life presented itself with my alignment with Dr. John Battershill, D.C., at Revelation Health Centre commencing December 1, 2014. After reviewing Dr. John’s very thorough assessment of my condition, he boldly commented that, if I chose to work with him, he could prevent me from undergoing surgery. Based upon Dr. John’s professional assuredness coupled with his very apparent concern for his fellow human, I immediately chose to align myself with Dr. John. For the entire month of December, I visited Dr. John 3 times per week. It was during this time that Dr. John’s ‘magic’ became readily apparent to me. My body responded extremely well to regular and routine treatments on Dr. John’s decompression table.

His highly-trained professional eye continually picks up any inconsistencies presented by my body. He not only brought to my attention areas of concern such as my posture and forward head positioning in relation to my spine but presented techniques, equipment, and exercises to rectify such concerns. Dr. John’s observant eye identified a bulge on the right side of my body in proximity to my liver for which he recommended that I have an abdominal ultrasound. My ultrasound report indicated the presence of a ‘fatty liver’ resulting in medical professionals advising I should consider working with a dietician. Upon sharing this report with Dr. John, he responded that I already had a dietician … namely, Dr. John! Medical professionals had repeatedly informed me throughout my entire life that I had an extremely low/slow metabolism complete with markedly low internal energy levels but very few, if any, resolution steps were offered. However, upon sharing with Dr. John, he explained that I had a metabolic disease which he also termed a ‘leaky gut syndrome’ in which much of the protein I had been digesting had been in fact leaking through ‘holes’ in my stomach and not feeding my cells as should have been the case. What wasn’t leaking through my stomach was the fat molecules/globules which readily deposited themselves around my liver, heart, and arteries. As a result of these findings, Dr. John immediately put me on nutritional supplements to treat this condition. Shortly after starting to take these supplements, I noticed my strong urge to feed my sweet tooth had completely disappeared as well as my internal energy levels began to soar. Sweets such as cookies and cakes, candies, and food laced with added sugar, which previously had been a relatively regular staple of my diet, had totally lost their appeal. When I shared this insight with Dr. John, he explained my ‘sweet habit’ was my body’s cry for fuel and energy which it had not previously been receiving; that is, until I had commenced ingesting nutritional supplements, protein included, Dr. John recommended as an appropriate response to my fatty liver/metabolic disease.

My lifetime of spinal-related issues had negatively impacted my balance and coordination. It was not uncommon for me to search for support as I navigated stairs especially and even sometimes on the level in wide open spaces. My lack of balance, coordination, and rhythmic presence caused me to avoid situations, such as dancing, which required my body to successfully co-ordinate, such bodily functions. However, working with Dr. John’s Human Body Equilibrium Lab (Huber) to improve my balance, equilibrium, coordination, strength, and endurance has produced dramatic improvements. My balance now is quite remarkable and I now assuredly navigate stairs up and down without the need for support. Working with Leanne on the Interactive Metronome (IM) noticeably improved my rhythm and timing and, as a result, markedly enhanced my motor coordination, balance, and gait. My motor skills, cognitive processes, and focus have shown perceptible and substantial refinement and enhancement. As a result, my over-all confidence level has markedly risen.

Working with Dr. John has been a Godsend! Even the ravishes of osteoarthritis have vanished. As a result of working with Dr. John, arthritic pain is no longer! Another noticeable effect of working with Dr. John is marked increase in body resiliency. At the end of January 2015, I lost my mother-in-law and mother 5 days apart. The care and guidance of Dr. John permitted me to cope with these losses without being completely wiped out.

The personal Wellness Program Dr. John designed for me has unquestionably permitted me to optimize my body and related functions and, in turn, enhance my quality of life and maximize my life potential. Working with Dr. John has made medications, injections, and other medical interventions things of the past. My initial intense schedule of Dr. John visits has transitioned since the end of February 2015 into a maintenance visit once every three to four weeks. The Benjamin Franklin axiom of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” speaks clearly and loudly to why I continue receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. John.

I have much gratitude to the work of Dr. John with me and heartily, without reservation, endorse and recommend Dr. John and his assistant Leanne!”

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