5 Tips for Maintaining Good Posture… from a Chiropractor!

5 Simple Tips for Maintaining Good Posture

Having bad posture can affect your life in consequential ways – and quickly at that! It doesn’t take long for your body to begin compensating for strained soft tissues because of sitting, walking or lifting improperly, so why not educate yourself on some simple tips for maintaining good posture and attempt to avoid such issues all together!?

Here are five ways you can help your body’s health by maintaining good posture during every day activities. Also see Why Joint Mobility & Stability are Important for Your Health.

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#1 – Walk tall with your head up

You might not always be able to maintain a tall stance with your head held high, but you should try! The posture you assume throughout the day when walking, running or exercising can affect your body’s alignment considerably.

While walking, do your best to look straight forward and keep your head level with your spine on a y-axis and with the ground on an x-axis. Furthermore, keep your shoulder blades in a backward position and attempt to use your entire foot while taking steps; that is, landing on your heel then rolling forward gently before pushing off the front palm of your foot.

While exercising or working out, having good posture is just as, if not more important! But because most of us aren’t super heroes literally running around and combating bad guys all day, you’re likely to be walking much more so maintaining good posture while doing so is essential for your overall health and alignment.

#2 – Sit with posture in mind

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There’s probably a good chance that you sit down for a good part of your day (at least several hours), especially at work or while relaxing at home. There’s just no escaping it, and that’s okay!

For many of us, it’s a natural tendency to hunch forward while typing on a keyboard or looking down at a smartphone. The best thing you can do is to be conscientious of maintaining good posture while sitting by doing the following:

  1. Keep your shoulders flush with the back of your chair
  2. Keep your head aligned over top of your spine
  3. Have your knees level with your hips
  4. Keep your feet flat on the floor or a footrest

#3 – Get a new back rest or office chair

If sitting is something you do all the time, then investing in a quality back support rest and / or new office chair is more than worth it.

Office chairs provide postural support and should be adjusted accordingly to your individual needs. Also, if your chair isn’t supportive enough, a back rest that supports the natural curve of the lower back and helps keep you sitting upright is a must!

Without proper back support, chances are your muscles will tire over time and to compensate you’ll begin slouching forward which can strain muscles in your lower back.

#4 – Use proper lifting techniques

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The importance of maintaining proper posture becomes amplified when lifting weights. Whether its lifting light boxes, heavy-duty weights at the gym or anything in between, doing so improperly can cause strain on soft tissues in your back and the discs in your spine.

In general, here are five basic rules for lifting objects of any weight:

  1. make sure the object isn’t too heavy; that you can lift it in the first place
  2. keep the weight close to your body as you bend down, pick it up and move it
  3. keep your back straight and shoulders aligned with your hips to prevent any twisting
  4. keep your chest forward; goes hand-in-hand with tip #3
  5. lead with your hips when changing directions with the object in your hands

#5 – Get a pair of custom-fitted orthotics

Sometimes investing into a pair of custom-fitted orthotics will go miles in helping you change bad posture habits to good. Orthotics change how your feet contact the ground, which in turn can affect your overall posture and gait.

Want to know more about how orthotics can help you? See our Footmaxx Custom Orthotics and discover the possibilities!

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