5 Chiropractic Techniques We Use at Revelation Health

5 Common Chiropractic Techniques at RHCspinal pain subluxation nw calgary chiropractor answers frequently asked questions

If you’re a seasoned Chiropractic patient, you probably know which techniques you prefer when visiting the Chiropractor.

At Revelation Health, our practitioners use a variety of techniques – often in combination with one another – to improve the efficiency of your treatments.

Wondering what those are? Here’s five commonly used by Dr. John Battershill and Dr. Keith Belliveau at Revelation Health Centre. Also see:

#1 – Manual Adjustments / Manipulations

Manual adjustment / manipulation is one of the most common techniques used by Chiropractors all over the world.

Dr. Battershill and Dr. Belliveau both use this Chiropractic technique. It involves a quick, gentle thrust to the spine or extremity joints with the goal of realigning the body, which helps to restore function by correcting subluxations.

Manual adjustments and manipulations are almost always performed on patients as they lay down on the table. However, if you choose to visit our clinic you may be asked to sit or stand up for adjustments as well.

Expect to hear a small “popping” noise once an adjustment is performed for your neck or back (and sometimes your joints too!). Don’t worry, this sound is perfectly normal.

This hands-on Chiropractic technique forms the basis of most treatments at Revelation Health. It is used in conjunction with other techniques and treatment methods, some of which are listed below, to achieve the best results for patients.

#2 – Spinal Decompression Therapycox techniq spinal decompression chiropractic care nw calgary alberta

Dr. Battershill at Revelation Health has been using the Cox® Technique to perform spinal decompression therapy on patients for several years – and with great success!

This Chiropractic technique makes use of a specially engineered table which uses flexion-distraction to decompress the spine.

It is a non-surgical, hands-on approach to correcting back pain, slipped discs and subluxations (to name a few).

The approach, developed by Dr. James Cox, came into the limelight several years ago and has ever since shown to be effective at treating back pain, neck pain and even arm pain!

Other applications include:

  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Central stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative disc disease

Learn more at Cox Technique – Spinal Pain Management in Calgary.

#3 – Activator Method

This Chiropractic technique makes use of a small metal tool that exerts a kinetic force onto your body via a spring. It creates is a small, gentle impulse which acts to restore function and correct misalignment by stimulating the area of treatment to kickstart the healing process.

One of the benefits of the activator method is that it happens quickly which means your muscles are less likely to tense up. As a result, treatment can be more effective because of the lack of muscle resistance.

Another benefit is the fact that the implied force is localized. Unlike manual adjustments and manipulation, your body won’t twist and turn during treatment.

The activator method is used frequently on patients with sports injuries or other musculoskeletal conditions that need delicate care and attention.

#4 – Nutritional Counsellingnutrition food healthy eating chiropractic nutrients

It should be of no surprise that your Chiropractor will often ask about your diet and provide nutritional counselling if need be as a part of your treatment plan.

What you put into your body can have a huge affect on your musculoskeletal system. For example, eating lots of sugar or drinking lots of alcohol and have an acidifying effect, resulting in loose ligaments and joints – and more injuries.

The main goal of nutritional counselling is to identify areas that need change. Lessening your carbohydrate intake, staying away from alcohol and sugar, or eating more fibre are a few examples of recommendations you’ll often hear from our Chiropractors at Revelation Health.

Diet is one of the top influencers on your health. Almost every effective Chiropractic treatment plan will consist of a few dietary recommendations to help patients accomplish their personal health goals more effectively.

#5 – Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser is a complimentary treatment method that amplifies healing and is often used with other Chiropractic techniques.

It uses light energy which is sent into your cells at a microscopic level to kickstart the mitochondria into full gear (these are the power plants of your cells).

Cold laser therapy is effective at reducing inflammation and pain. It is often recommended as an option to help with blunt force trauma injuries, as well as other degenerative conditions which result in soreness and other related symptoms.

While many Chiropractic clinics in Calgary have cold laser, ours has one of the most powerful on the market. The Theralase TLC-2000 is non-intrusive, pain-free and is many times stronger than most lasers out there – meaning you heal faster!

We are currently offering cold laser therapy for only $30 when you get a Chiropractic treatment – that’s 50% off!

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