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Looking for a Chiropractic neurological assessment in Calgary? If you’ve suffered a concussion or another type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), chances are you’ve already consulted a doctor for diagnosis and treatment – which is a good first step on the road to recovery.

Many doctors recommend prescriptions which may do well to help subside pain and other symptoms at first, but over the long-term it’s very important to heal the damage that has been caused to your brain.

Alternative healthcare like functional neurology (also called Chiropractic neurology) can help address the physical deficits and cognitive decline associated with a concussion.

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Chiropractic neurology tests specific parts of the brain for damage, then applies this knowledge in the creation of a treatment plan consisting of a regimen of physical and mental tasks that stimulate damaged parts of the brain.

For example, your primary cortex plays a principal role in motor function. If it is damaged, part of your treatment plan may consist of various balancing exercises to help stimulate those damaged neurons and synapses in that specific part of your brain.

Dr. John Battershill has learned various functional neurology techniques and done extensive study on the brain that has allowed him to treat concussion patients in Calgary with great success!

Chiropractic neurology is complimentary and used with other techniques like eye lights and Chiropractic care to maximize the effectiveness of treatments.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a few reviews from brain injury patients:

Revelation Health Centre chiropractic care patient tesitmonials

Eva (Google)

“I am finally living almost free of pain after almost a year and I don’t think I could have gotten here without Revelation Health. As an athlete who hasn’t been able to play sports since the injury, I feel a new sense of comfort and freedom finally being cleared to go back. I would highly highly suggest visiting the Health Centre.”

Carrie (RHC)

“I am now in my second phase of brain rehabilitation and continue to see improvements. The graded and continual progression laid out by Dr. John has given me more than just relief from many of the brain injury symptoms, but the supportive interactions I received from the staff at RHC has allowed me to see myself beyond a brain injured person. I now see myself as a competent, strong, well rounded, loving human being with great potential to lead and maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle.”

Hugh (Google)

“After completing an assessment we started with eye light therapy combined with physical exercises to stimulate my brain followed with anti-oxidant nutrition and Chiropractic care. The frequency and severity of the headaches diminished within 3 weeks and I have now been free of symptoms for 8 weeks.”

A Word on Concussion & Brain Rehabilitation…John Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic


Concussion rehabilitation through Chiropractic care requires functional neurology because most of the MRIs and CAT scans people get are clear of intracranial bleeds after a head injury.

The essential question is: which part of the brain was injured?

At Revelation Health Centre, we put patients through a series of functional testing that identifies the parts of the brain that are not able to accomplish nerve transmission because of the associated concussion or  traumatic brain injury.

Through this Chiropractic neurological assessment in Calgary we then create a program which stimulates injured neurons using the five senses.

For example, we create brain exercises, based on the identified injury from functional neurology testing, that stimulate these neurons to restore themselves to firing (if at all possible), but I’ve seen in most patients that the brain is very responsive to this stimulation.

Then, we active the nerve tracks that go up the spinal cord into the brain through Chiropractic adjustments as a complimentary treatment which garners the best results. This is the best way to create the greatest amount of sensory input to reactivate these injured neurons.

We activate the brain by also stimulating the eyes using eyelights (specialty eye-wear) that treat the injured brain by altering the frequency of light and stimulating the brain through the eyes. We also give patients eye exercises to activate their brain injured areas.

If you have suffered a concussion or brain injury, I invite you to come to Revelation Health Centre to get a Chiropractic neurological assessment in Calgary and see what we can do for you!

I invite you to check out my Open Letter to Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in Canada before you go!

– Dr. John Battershill, D.C.

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