How Chiropractic Can Help With Digestive Problems

Chiropractic Help With Digestive Problems!

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Did you know that Chiropractic care can help with digestive problems? Many people believe that Chiropractors only treat the neck and spine, but many extend their education and services to help clients with symptoms and pain in other parts of the body as well.

You may have digestive problems due to an unhealthy or irregular diet. Maybe its an increasingly inactive and sedentary lifestyle. Whichever the cause may be, digestive problems can be disabling to a point where your day-to-day activities become a struggle.

Correcting your digestive issues as soon as possible is important  to say the least! Fortunately, Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free and holistic means to correct many different cases of digestive problems.

Dr. Battershill’s extensive knowledge of Chiropractic, functional neurology, nutrition and applied kinesiology allows him to help his patients solve digestive problems. Here’s what he has to say about digestion and Chirorpactic:

A Word on Digestion & Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic can help with digestive problems in a holistic, non-invasive way!

If there is gas, bloating or cramping and general unease in the gut, that can misalign the rib cage and create problems that go into the shoulders, elbows and hands or go up through the ribcage into the head, resulting in headaches and muscle tension patterns.

It’s much the same as someone who has a heart attack where they get pain, tingling or numbness down their arm and into their hand.

If the digestive system is not working properly, you may experience pain in the mid-back that feels like a sharp rib pain or experience increased muscle tension in the shoulders and head leading to headaches or a kink in the neck.

It can also descend from the ribcage into the lower back and pelvis, creating misalignment that eliminates strength and endurance of the muscles around the joints leading to hip, knee or foot pain.

We also would take what foods are creating problems and make dietary recommendations with supplementation in a digest enzyme to improve your digestive function, leading to better alignment and a reduction in acute pain / muscle tension.

– Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor


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