Chiropractic Care & Maintaining a Healthy Central Nervous System

Live a Healthy Life by Taking Care of Your Central Nervous System

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According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or sickness.”

At this very moment disease could be present inside of your body, and you could simply be unaware of it because you aren’t experiencing any symptoms.

For example, research reveals that coronary heart disease is the largest killer of Americans. But in fact, 57 percent of men who died suddenly from coronary heart disease had absolutely no previous symptoms of the disease. (Framingham Heart Study NHLBI).

Various definitions state that health is how the whole body functions daily. That is why it is important to know how your body is functioning by having it checked routinely by your chiropractor of choice.

Remember, the key to health is function….


Normal Function = Healthy Body

Better Function = Better Health = Better Quality of Life


What Controls Your Health?questions health northwest calgary chiropractor

Why is the central nervous system a key part in determining function and quality of your health? It’s easy as 1-2-3…


#1 – The Life Force

Two cells meet, and life begins. This in turn creates trillions of additional living cells called the “living body”. What controls and coordinates this process is the intelligence in each living cell.

Within the first 18 days of conception, the body’s intelligence develops the brain and spinal cord, which control life.

The brain and spinal cord – your central nervous system – are the only parts of the human body protected by bone in the form of the skull and 24 vertebrae.


100% Life = 100% Health


#2 – The Communication Centreback pain chiropractor kensington Calgary

The central nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. It also adapts and regulates your body to the outside environment. How so?

It continuously sends messages between your brain and body which travel at 325 miles per hour though 45 miles of nerves. This is the daily communication process that helps you to function properly. ( Time Life Magazine: “Fantastic Voyage: The Human Body, February 1997, pg. 33).

In the span of one day (or 24 hours), the communication between the brain and body working together will complete the following functions:

  • 103,680 heart beats
  • 23,040 breathes
  • 2,100 gallons of blood will pump through almost 62,000 miles of blood vessels
  • 69 trillion blood cells will be produced in the bone marrow
  • 7 million brain cells will be exercised

When communication between the brain and body is disturbed, these vital functions become impaired and your body can be affected in an unhealthy way. Also see VIDEO: Huber Body Equilibrium Motion Lab in Action for another central nervous system treatment at Revelation Health Centre.


Better Communication = Better Health


#3 – The Master Control CentreKing Devick therapy treatments northwest calgary

The central nervous system serves as a “master control centre” that works automatically. That’s why our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing.

  • Self-healing – When you cut your hand, for example, the central nervous system begins to automatically heal the wound without any external input
  • Self-regulating – Your body regulates itself to adapt to ever-changing internal and external conditions. The pupils of your eyes change with variations of light, your heart rate increases while in exercise, you sweat when your hot and shiver when your cold – these are just a few examples.

When your central nervous system is functioning properly, your body knows how to regulate, heal and adapt appropriately to the countless external stresses of everyday life, while allowing you to live your life to the fullest.


Systems Working Well Inside = Systems Working Well Outside


Chiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

The Central Nervous System’s Enemy

Subluxation (misalignment) is an enemy of the central nervous system.

Various stresses can cause misaligned vertebrae, known as subluxation, which disturbs communication with the central nervous system and results in abnormal function.

What are the three types of stress that can cause subluxations?

  • Physical – intense labor, bodily injury, over-exertion…
  • Chemical – exposure to toxic substances through eating, drinking and environment…
  • Emotional – death of a loved one, relationship struggles, career struggles…

Subluxations disturb the function of:

  •  The Life Force
  • The Communication Centre
  • The Master Control Centre

…causing your quality of health to decline whether or not symptoms are present.


The Time FactorRevelation Health Centre Orthotics Kensington Calgary Alberta

When subluxation is present, it starts a major chain of events. This is like a car’s wheels being out of alignment, which causes the tired to wear out faster than normal.

Driving with a worn tire puts the diver at risk for a blowout, possibly leading to costly damage and increasing the risk of an accident.

Early detection of subluxation is key in preventing future health problems and fixing current ones.


Increased Time = Increased Risk


Chiropractic Corrects SubluxationsBack pain disc rehabilitation chiropractors calgary

The chiropractor’s main purpose is to detect and adjust subluxations. This improves the position, movement and function of the vertebrae and improves communication between the brain and body, allowing for a healthier central nervous system.

Remember that health comes from within and wellness depends on your personal choices, which include regular chiropractic care, nutrition, rest, water intake, vitamins, exercise and attitude.

Also see these 5 Crucial Steps to Chiropractic Care & Living a Healthy Life today.


Chiropractic Care + Wellness Care = Healthy Journey Into Life


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