Chiropractic Advice – Episode #3 – Factors in Treating Arthritis

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If you have arthritis, it may be affecting only one or a handful of different joints around your body all at once. Such an experience can make your day go by slow and full of agony as you deal with the symptoms.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help reduce and eliminate the problems arising from your arthritis.

Here are a few that Dr. Battershill and the chiropractors at Revelation Health Centre consider when assessing and treating arthritic symptoms such as inflammation, pain and decreased range of motion and the underlying causes of such.

Episode #3 – Joint Evaluation, Bio-Chemical & Mechanical

John Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness ClinicA joint that’s involved in a twist, compression or stretch which goes beyond its physiological limits could be considered as sprained. When this occurs, the best and first thing to do is to assess three different factors.

#1 – A joint evaluation should include ligament assessment, cartilage hardness (because soft cartilage is essentially arthritis), and muscle fascia function.

#2 – Bio-chemical factors should also be considered when a patient has arthritis which is primarily the pH of the body tissues.  If acidity is too low, a detrimental effect on the soft tissues to work and function at maximum capacity will occur.

#3 – There also is a mechanical aspect that needs to be assessed for all joints that have arthritis. Being properly aligned allows that joint to move and function normally. But most important is the nervous system and its communication from the injured joint of the body to the brain and from the brain back to the body. This is called afferentation and efferentation. Without proper communication from the brain to the body and the body to the brain, complete rehab of any injured joint is not complete.

At the Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, we have a complete assessment approach and treatment abilities that eliminate these three factors that contribute to why arthritic joints rarely come back to a reasonable level / full level of function.

Please book today for your arthritis rehab assessment and let us help you!


– Dr. John Battershill, D.C.

Arthritis Treatments at RHCChiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

At Revelation Health Centre, our chiropractors will perform a thorough assessment to determine what stage of arthritis you are in and how to best go about treatment.

Three common treatment methods for patients include:

  • Chiropractic Care – muscle testing, adjustments, decompression, physio exercises
  • Laser Therapy – reduces symptoms such as pain, inflammation and stiffness
  • Nutrition – recommended supplementation, dietary changes to reduce arthritic symptoms & treatment

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