Chiropractic Advice – #8 – Bulging & Herniated Discs

Chiropractor Gives Advice on Bulging & Herniated Discs

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Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment method for bulging and herniated discs. If you think you have such an injury, a visit to your Chiropractor (DC) and / or Medical Doctor (MD) is a good idea to say the least.

The best Chiropractic advice a DC could give: the earlier you identify the type and severity of disc injury you have, the better off you are for treatment options. An MD would tell you the exact same thing.

Common Symptoms of a bulging and herniated disc injury:

  • Pain and / or numbness on one side of your body
  • Shooting pain up your arms and / or legs
  • Pain when walking short distances
  • Unnatural muscle weaknesses
  • Pain that gets worse at night or with specific movements
  • Pain after sitting and / or standing

Treating Disc Injuries at Revelation Healthquestions concerns calgary chirorpactors

Cox Decompression Technique is one of the main ways bulging and herniated discs are treated at Revelation Health Centre. Using a specially designed table, Dr. John Battershill uses the prescribed method to perform flexion-distraction and help mobilize the disc back into place.

Dr. John Battershill has been treating disc injuries for over a decade with Cox Table. In addition, Dr. Battershill worked on triathletes at the World Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii and is in affiliation with ART/ active release technique which works on the soft tissue / muscles so that the spinal decompression holds and continues to relieve pain and symptoms.

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Disc injuries which includes a bulging disc or a herniated disc are classically described as a “slipped disc”.john battershill revelation health centre calgary

This is more common than one might think and usually occurs when there’s compression and loading forces combined with twisting.

The massive amounts medical literature on low back pain states that between 70 to 75% of low back pain has a disc involvement contributing to or outright causing the patient’s pain and symptoms.

Once the disc bulges and hits the nerve root, then the muscles are secondarily activated and go into spasm / tightening, causing obvious misalignment.  This called being antalgic.

Disc bulges causing low back pain is more common than one might think and usually occurs when there’s compression and loading forces combined with twisting.  A few causes:

  • lifting
  • moving
  • golf
  • shoveling snow
  • weight lifting
  • contact sports like football

… and even long-haul trucking are all just a few of the causation events. Once the disc bulges and hits the nerve root then the muscles are secondary and they go into spasm usually on opposite sides of the body.

Do not be deceived because the quickest way of helping low back pain when there is a disc involvement is through spinal decompression. Working solely on the muscles is not enough.  What this does is lower the pressure that builds within the injured disc and relieves it.

The pressure in a healthy disc is between 200-250 millimetres of pressure and in an injured disc it can go up to over 500 millimeters of pressure units.

When decompression happens, the inflammation goes away and the pressure on the nerve root recedes / decompresses causing the patient to return to being symptom and pain-free with restored movement and balanced muscle function.

I also make recommendations for conservative exercises to strengthen the stabilizer muscles that hold the spine and the pelvis stable preventing any future reoccurrences / relapses of the disc pain and symptoms.


– Dr. John Battershill, D.C.

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