How To: Cat-Cow Stretch for Spinal Flexibility & Pain Relief [Video]

Step-by-Step: How to do the Cat-Cow Stretch

The Cat-Cow stretch, a move often used in Yoga, is a great exercise because it includes both a stretch and an extension. It’s a great stretch for people looking to increase their spinal flexibility and release tension in the back and abdomen. It has also been known to relieve pain!

Dr. Keith at Revelation Health Centre is passionate about helping his clients accomplish their health goals through not only just Chiropractic Care, but also through instructional videos on how to perform stretches that promote health, like the Cat-Cow, for example.

Here’s Dr. Keith and the Cat-Cow Stretch for spinal flexibility and pain relief:

Cat-Cow Stretch Tutorial:

“Hey guys, we are going to be borrowing an exercise from yoga called the cat-cow. This is going to be an exercise that serves two purposes:

#1 – We are going to go through motion in the spine to get the joints moving.

#2 – We are going to wake up the muscles of the spine so we are going to support the spine a little bit more and give you more sensation.

So, you go into the hands and knees position, your going to put your hands right underneath the shoulders, knees right underneath the hips, and you’re going to flow through – cow, and then down into a cat– [then] cow – your sticking your butt up looking up at the ceiling, cat – your flexing your spine axially.

The second part of this we’re going to be pairing it with your breathe, so you’ll do a full exhale as you go into the cat, then as your doing that your going to suck your stomach up against your spine and then hold it at the top. Your going to hold it until you feel like you need air, then your going to cycle through go through the cow and then back into the cat. So, it’s going to look like this: inhale, exhale…. hold it at the top, feel that deep burn inside of your core.

So, do this couple times a day, you’ll feel the mobility of your spine improve, the strength of your spine improve and feel the adjustments hold a little bit better.”

– Dr. Keith Belliveau, D.C.

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