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Eric Shares His Experience with Laser Therapy Treatments at Revelation Health Centre, NW Calgary Chiropractor

Are you looking for laser therapy in Calgary, Alberta? If so, Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in the Kensington District has got you covered!

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Here’s what one of our most recent laser therapy patients had to say about their experience with chiropractor Dr. John Battershill and histreatments. Why Us, You May Ask?


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Sports Injury Fully Restored


“I love fitness. It has become a way of life for me you could say. I’ve been playing sports my entire life and have had a variety of sports injuries along the way.

My parents introduced me to chiropractic care when I was young, thankfully, because now that I am in my late twenties I really see just how big of an impact it has had on helping me stay healthy and allowing me to keep up with the rigorous training regime that I put myself through at the gym.

About six months ago I hurt my shoulder badly doing chest press. I thought that the injury was odd considering that the weight I put on wasn’t even close to my max and am used to doing that weight comfortably for 3 sets, 10 reps each set.

But I lost all strength in my shoulder and was severely concerned, especially considering that I couldn’t even lift a 10-pound dumbbell from my waist up to eye level with a straight arm. At this point I knew that a trip to the chiropractor was necessary to figure out how I was going to fix this issue and get back into the gym.

I was referred to Dr. Battershill at Revelation Health Centre from a friend and was told about how he specializes in sports injuries like the one I had. Our initial consultation involved an extensive examination of not just my shoulder injury, but my entire body. He told me that he would be able to help and I was very excited as I could see myself getting back into the gym sometime soon.

Each appointment afterwards included an initial chiropractic assessment and adjustment, soft tissue therapy (sometimes) then laser therapy afterwards.

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the laser since it was something new, but even just after a few treatments I really noticed how much difference there was in my shoulder function.

During the therapy sessions themselves I noticed a warm, tingling feeling that Dr. Battershill’s lasers induced on my shoulder region. It felt like something was happening inside, but I really wasn’t too sure as to what!

Eventually I got back into the gym and started lifting heavier and heavier weights until I was fully rehabilitated and lifting the same weight I had used to before the injury while doing laser therapy sessions.

It took two to three appointments each week for about a month until I felt like I was back at full function and strength in my shoulder. I couldn’t be happier with the result!

I highly recommend laser therapy at Revelation Health Centre to anyone who has experienced some kind of sports injury that is debilitating, inflamed and painful like mine was.

It really helped speed up the healing process compared to previous sports injuries I have had over the years and today I am training with my shoulder harder than ever. Thank you so much Dr. Battershill!”

– Eric T.Chiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta


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