Footmaxx Orthotics Review by Brent: Helping Knee Pain

Footmax Orthotics Review by Brent: Knee Pain Reduced Drastically

Are you experiencing knee pain in Calgary? If so, Revelation Health Centre’s team of chiropractors have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help treat your pain effectively – including custom orthotics that can benefit you in several ways!

Listen to what Brent had to say about his experience with investing in a pair of Footmaxx Orthotics at Revelation Health Centre after he finally sought treatment for his chronic knee pain of more than a decade.

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Chronic Knee Pain Reduced 3-Fold…

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I’ve been experiencing problems with my knees since my mid 20’s. I have been tired of not being able to do normal exercises and sport activities because of the pain I get in my knees (the left knee being the worst) when I bend or exert force on them. I needed some help!

I was referred to Dr. Battershill through a friend. Dr. Battershill set me up with a pair of Footmaxx Orthotics (he insisted) and requested I see him once or twice a week for the next while to fix some of the issues found during my initial assessment with him.

He said that my hip-flexor was internally rotating while I walk because of instability in my core which most likely developed over time due to bad posture; all these were combining and having a negative effect on my knees. Thinking about it, I couldn’t disagree with him. I sit all day at work and sometimes in the evenings as well and my posture isn’t the best.

When the orthotics came in, I immediately began wearing them. They were mildly uncomfortable but Dr. Battershill and his assistants insisted that the discomfort would subdue after a week or two of wearing them continually. They were right!

I felt the stability in my knee increase two-fold over a month, and I slowly began testing its strength by running city pathways this summer where I wasn’t too concerned about reinjuring it. It felt that good! I was surprised to see that during my chiropractic appointments Dr. Battershill wasn’t always focused right on the knee area, but also on my back and neck and hips.

Dr. Battershill recommended some exercises to help with recovering stability in my knee. These were exercises he said he does himself to help with his own knee strength. The exercises helped me regain the most stability I’ve had in a while only after a few months or so and were complimentary to the orthotics and treatments.

Today I would say my knees are three-fold stronger and more than capable of living the active lifestyle I love. To those with knee pain in Calgary, I recommend Dr. Battershill and the friendly staff of Revelation Health Centre to you!!

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– Brent W.

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