Calgary Concussion Treatments: Chiropractic Functional Neurology

Concussion Treatments Using Chiropractic Functional Neurology

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Functional neurology is a proven method of treatment for several brain injuries such as concussions. Others include:

  • Head injury or stroke
  • Headaches and chronic pain
  • Movement disorders
  • Balance disorders

Some chiropractors have chosen to provide these additional services by continuing education and becoming specialized providers of functional neurological treatments.

Dr. John Battershill has a passion for helping people by treating the root cause of the symptoms and not the symptoms themselves, which has led him to advance his education and learn functional neurology to help treat his patients to the fullest.

A Word on Concussions…John Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

” A concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury that occurs after a person receives a blow to the head.

If large enough, the brute force of the impact will cause the brain to push up against the inside of the skull and possibly become bruised in the process.

This results in the loss of neuron capability in the brain to transmit signals properly and is associated with their respective symptoms.

With the loss of neuron transmission, other neurons are recruited from surrounding areas to make up for that loss, but there is a limit to this type of compensation.

Contributing Factors

In addition, other factors may also contribute to the severity of a concussed individuals’ symptoms, including:

  • Aging
  • Previous head trauma
  • Chemical exposures

These can all contribute to a blood brain barrier weakening which has an effect on decreasing the neuron transmission and reception of transmissions by other neurons in the brain.

Chiropractic & Functional Neurologyback pain chiropractor kensington Calgary

Using Functional Neurology, there are several clinical approaches that can prevent cognitive impairment and decline. It’s just like many things in our life… catching it early in the beginning stages helps improve outcomes otherwise it may become very difficult and complex to treat.

As a focused student of functional neurology in Calgary, I have continued with advanced post-graduation training to be able  to provide my patients with specialized neurological assessments and treatments that can heal concussions and help with several other brain injuries as well.

I fully understand the concerns regarding head injuries like concussions because I myself had experienced seven bad concussions during my football career, of which I have recovered from 99 percent.”

– Dr. John Battershill

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