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Are you looking for treatment for your bursitis in Calgary? Maybe you aren’t sure if you have this condition and are wondering what it’s all about? Either way, read on to learn more about it and the steps our Chiropractors take to treat bursitis in a holistic and completely drug-free way!

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What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a painful, inflammatory condition that affects tiny, fluid-filled sacs called bursae. These sacs act as a cushion for the bones and soft tissues near your joints. When bursitis occurs – or when these bursae become inflamed – it happens near joints that perform the most movement, including:

  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Heel
  • Big toe

A common form of bursitis is tennis / golfer’s elbow. Learn more about this specific condition here:

What are the Symptoms of Bursitis?

  • Sharp or shooting pain when physical activity occurs
  • Sharp or shooting pain when pressure is applied on the affected joint
  • Feel stiff and / or achy and look red and swollen
  • Inability or unwillingness to move a joint due to discomfort and pain
  • A fever

Often enough, these conditions are enough to disable anyone from wanting to move or engage in any type of physical activity. Small day-to-day tasks like opening the cupboard or doing the laundry turns into an uphill battle when pain, discomfort and inflammatory symptoms affect your joint(s).

Who is at Risk of Developing Bursitis?

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While anyone can develop bursitis, there are some factors that can increase your chances:

Old age – statistics show that bursitis occurs more frequently in older people

Physical activities – if you engage in physical activity or have a labourious job that involves repetitive motion or pressure on your joints, your risk of developing bursitis grows.

Medical conditions – other medical conditions – like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and gout, for example – raise your risk of developing bursitis

How Do We Treat Bursitis?

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Resting the affected area is a common form of treatment for bursitis. In most instances, this condition will go away within a week or two with proper treatment, but recurring flare-ups aren’t abnormal. Because of the recurring pattern most bursitis patients experience, frequent treatment is sought by many who have the condition.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for bursitis that are holistic and drug-free in nature! Below are some of the options for bursitis patients in Calgary at Revelation Health Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic:

#1 – Chiropractic Adjustments

Bursitis patients often have disparity in the joint due to asymmetrical movements. This causes one side to dominate and misalign the joint, resulting in abnormal pressure on the bursae.

Chiropractic adjustments help realign the joint and activate the nervous system component which strengthens and balances out the soft tissues around the joint. This helps to relieve pressure and help patients recover from bursitis symptoms.

#2 – Cold Laser Therapy

Sometimes the inflammatory response of the bursae in the joint is so high that there’s too much pain, swelling and discomfort for a person to undergo Chiropractic adjustments. This is where cold laser therapy comes into play.

Cold laser therapy shoots concentrated beams of light to activate cell regeneration on a molecular level, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. This is a complimentary treatment method that goes hand-in-hand with Chiropractic care.

#3 – Diet & Supplementation

There are a ton of dietary changes you can make to help reduce the chance of getting bursitis or relapsing from an old bout. Eating foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds can help, including:

  • Almonds, walnuts
  • Blueberries, cherries, pineapple, oranges, papaya
  • Dark Leafy Green
  • Olive oil, tomatoes
  • Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel

Also, try to stay away from inflammatory foods, such as:

  • White breads and pastries
  • Margarine, butter and other fatty foods
  • French fries and other deep-fried foods
  • Soda pop and other sugar-sweetened drinks
  • Red meat and processed meat such as hot dogs, sausage, burgers and steaks

Revelation Health Centre has natural herbal supplements that can help support dietary changes and decrease inflammation in the joint.

A Word on Bursitis….

John Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

Bursitis is an inflammatory condition that is usually a reactive condition because it results from repetitive movement of the joints.

Treatment includes identifying joint complex factors such as ligament strength, cartilage strength, muscle strength in all planes around the affected area. Then, the nerve supply in the spine that leads to the region of bursitis is identified and adjusted, along with the muscles and ligaments that support the movement of that joint.

Stress can create this ligament laxity or a highly acidic diet can also affect the stability of a joint which can make a person more prone to developing bursitis.

We have been helping patients recover from their bursitis for years and would love to be able to help you as well!

– Dr. John Battershill

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