Calgary Chiropractor: Treating Bunions Using Orthotics

Do You Have Bunions? Footmaxx Orthotics May Be for You!

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A problem with your feet – such as an uncomfortable or painful bunion – can be as encumbering as it gets. If you’re currently experiencing problems and may think its due to a bunion, we are here to help.

Here’s some information on signs, symptoms, causes and risk factors as well as how to treat bunions with Footmaxx Orthotics, Revelation Health Centre’s line of custom orthotic soles.


What are bunions?

A bunion is a bony bump located on the joint at the base of your big toe.

If you tend to roll your foot inward while walking (also known as over-pronation), you may experience swelling and tenderness at this joint and the formation of a small callus.

Over time, this “callus” may get bigger and cause the big toe to push inward towards the second toe.


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What are signs and symptoms of bunions?

You could have just one or any combination of the following:

  • Soreness, swelling or redness near the big toe joint
  • Calluses or corns on or near where the big toe and second toe touch
  • Noticeable bump on the base of the big toe joint
  • Occasional or constant pain
  • Restricted movement of the big toe, especially if you have arthritis


Revelation Health Centre Orthotics Kensington Calgary AlbertaWhat causes bunions?

While the exact cause of bunions is unknown, there are many theories as to how they develop. Likely factors include:

  • Foot injuries
  • Birth deformities
  • Inherited foot type

Furthermore, bunions are often associated with certain risk factors, such as:

  • Use of high heels that force the toes into the front of the shoe
  • Poorly-fitting shoes that may be too narrow, too tight or pointed
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory type of arthritis that can increase susceptibility


What is the solution?

Wearing proper shoes and getting a pair of custom orthotics can help reduce rolling of the foot (over-pronation) and eliminate growth of any current bunion.

Footmaxx Orthotics have been shown to reduce pain related to bunions by providing more room underneath the big toe. This helps to reduce both irritation and swelling.

Want to know more? See information on our line of custom Footmaxx Orthotics today.


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