Calgary Chiropractor Review by Michelle: Dislocated Shoulder

Michelle Tells Her Story About Shoulder Dislocations and Rehabilitation at Revelation Health Centre

Dislocating your shoulder can happen sudden and be extremely painful. Just ask Michelle about her experience with multiple dislocations over the past few years of her life.

In April of 2017 she chose to finally begin rehabilitation of her shoulder after seeking medical advice from a handful of different medical physicians, both family and specialized. Hear what she has to say about her experience thus far at Revelation Health Centre:

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4 Dislocations, 3 Months of Treatments…

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In October of 2015 I dislocated my shoulder mid-play in a badminton tournament for the first time in my life. I was ambulanced to the hospital, gassed and had it put back in. The pain subsided two weeks after but there was nagging pain for months. In December of 2015 I popped it out again, but this time I was sleeping. Once again, I was ambulanced and had it put back in at the hospital. This time my recovery was much slower and the pain was much worse.

About six weeks later, I dislocated it again while I was putting on my jacket but fortunately this time it popped back in right after it popped out. This made me extremely concerned about the health of my shoulder. I knew it was bad but I was too stubborn to realize that I needed to seek medical treatment.

More than a year passed until my shoulder dislocated for the fourth time in March of 2017 while I was sleeping. The scenario that ensued seemed way too familiar to me – an ambulance ride, being put under in the emergency at Foothills and getting it popped back in in the same exact room that I had it done twice before. It was this time that finally made me take the doctors recommendations seriously and consult an orthopedic surgeon. It took me a month – and constant pressure from my family and friends – to make the appointment. I was also in extreme pain and was lacking recovery.

Till this day (its August now), I still feel extreme pain in my shoulder especially after lots of physical activity or a stressful day. My shoulder is also unable to move past a 45 degree and forwards or backwards in any way which really affects the activities I can do with my friends and family. It totally sucks!

The doctor basically told me that surgery was a good option because the results from the cat scan after my fourth dislocation showed extensive damage to the bone and soft tissues. A friend of mine suggested I go see Dr. Battershill at Revelation Health Centre to begin rehabilitation while I wait for surgery. At first, I was reluctant as I had never been to a chiropractor before and always thought they only treat the neck and back, but when I found out that I would have to wait at least a year before my first surgery consult, I bought in.

Dr. Battershill’s initial consult found that I had misalignment in my ribcage, pelvis and jaw was severely lacking nutrients. He also found I had high acidity after doing a pH test and did some muscle testing on my shoulder to examine the severity of my injury. He emphasized that we needed to fix all the other problems with my health before tackling my shoulder. I was on board.

He recommended a few bottles of supplements to me that would help regenerate my soft tissues and increase the nutrients in my system. He also recommended that I do laser therapy after every treatment, which only costs 30 bucks when I do it with a treatment and made it affordable for me. Then and again, I am at a point where the cost to repair my shoulder doesn’t really matter to me. He also suggested I stop eating sugar and drinking all alcohol to help in the healing process of my body. I took him up on all three.

Each treatment I have with Dr. Battershill he performs gentle adjustments, always being careful of the positioning of my right arm and right shoulder, and does muscle testing to gauge my progress. He also has provided a handful of physio exercises to do at home to strengthen it and gave me a new set of exercises once I reached a certain level of mobility and function just a few weeks ago.

It’s been about three months since I’ve been seeing Dr. Battershill for two to three times a week. I have to say that my shoulder is about 30 to 50 percent better (depending on the day) and that the pain I experience at night time is much less. My goal is by the time my surgery comes I won’t have to do surgery at all, even though Dr. Battershill as well as four medical doctors have said that it will most likely be in my best interest. I will continue to do treatments as long as it takes because I am scared of what will happen if my shoulder dislocates again. Could I pinch my veins and lose my arm?

Dr. Battershill is as encouraging as he is skilled at helping me rehabilitate my arm in the mean time, and I cannot thank him enough for the continued support along this journey back to health!


– Michelle C.

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