Calgary Chiropractor Review by Jason: Neck Pain, Gone

Jason’s Patient Review of Revelation Health Centre, NW Calgary Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

Are you experiencing neck pain in Calgary? Whether it be chronic or sudden, Revelation Health Centre’s chiropractors have what it takes to treat your neck pain as well as the root cause.

Hear what Jason had to say about his most recent visit to our clinic for acute and sudden neck pain he had one day after waking up.

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Excruciating Neck Pain 95% Better…

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At least once a year I’ll wake up with the most agonizing pain in my neck. Sometimes it happens suddenly while other times there’s one or two days of onset where bad posture or over exertion in the gym seems to be the cause.

The last time this happened the pain was so excruciating I couldn’t even support the weight of my head while transitioning from laying down to sitting to standing up. Thankfully, I managed to make my way to Dr. Battershill’s clinic after making an emergency appointment for that evening.

When I got there, Dr. Battershill carefully examined the cause of pain in my neck, did gentle adjustments and set me up on a laser for about 30 minutes. He recommended that I focus on my posture and ice it while at home to help alleviate the pain in between treatments. After leaving his office my pain was reduced by 50 percent, but despite this the pain was still encumbering so I booked an appointment for the next day.

This time Dr. Battershill performed more adjustments that he could not do the day before because of pain and inflammation. He put my head into straps on his adjustment table and stretched my neck very gently, did some more laser therapy and once again made some recommendations for home. I’d say after the second treatment the pain was once again 50 percent better. That’s 75 percent of extremely painful and numbing neck pain gone within 24 hours! At least now it was bearable.

I followed Dr. Battershill’s recommendations to ice my neck frequently, try to keep posture and avoid sitting and physical exercise until my neck recovered. I saw him one last time about 3 days later. This time, he was more focused on testing my neck for function and seeing if it was strong. According to him, I was 95 percent better than when we first saw me that one evening and I would have to say I agreed.

I got to say that the fact that Dr. Battershill was willing to meet me back at his clinic after he had left for the day already was amazing and really went above and beyond the call of service that I’ve experienced from any healthcare provider. I felt like he really cared about my health and it showed through his commitment to treat my immediate pain and also dig deeper into the cause of my symptoms.

I highly recommend Dr. Battershill and Revelation Health Centre for treatment of neck pain you may be experiencing. He saved me missing more days of work, which I really couldn’t afford to do, and helped alleviate 75 percent of the pain within 24 hours. Amazing! Thank you Dr. Battershill!


– Jason B.

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