Calgary Chiropractic Patient Discusses Recovery from a Slipped Disc

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A slipped disc can be extremely painful and debilitating to say the least. Also known as a herniated or bulging disc, this condition can happen suddenly and without warning as well.

As soon as you suspect you may have a slipped disc, it’s critical you seek treatment from a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Many people with a bulging disc seek Chiropractic care for treatment, mainly because it’s an injury that has been shown to be treated effectively by Chiropractors.

Recently a patient at Revelation Health Centre came in with severe spasming and pain in his lower back. Here’s what he had to say about his slipped disc treatment experience at our clinic:

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Slipped Disc Spasms + Pain Gone in a Few Days


This injury happened the morning after I did a personal record for deadlift at the gym. I laid in bed for a few days in extreme pain. My back was spasming every time I moved to sit upwards and I had a burning and tingling sensation running down my hind legs into my feet.

I found Revelation Health Centre online and booked an appointment with Dr. Battershill. I finally managed to make it out of bed, but very very slowly. It was excruciating pain and the spasms came and went.

Dr. John assessed my situation and confirmed what I suspected. A slipped disc. He gave me an x-ray referral and also decompression treatment on my hour-long initial consultation. I noticed these treatments helped alleviate some of the pressure in my low back immediately. One thing I appreciated was that he was careful when administering treatment to not cause any additional pain.

I went to see Dr. John consecutively for about six or seven treatments within two weeks. Each time we did the spinal decompression treatment on the table, adjustments and some others. I did cold laser therapy a few times and noticed it helped relieve pain too.

Overall, my low back went from 0% to 95% within 14 days from seeing Dr. Battershill. I am very happy with his treatments, and I recommend him to anyone else in Calgary who thinks they may have a slipped disc.

Thanks Dr. Battershill!

– Johnathan P.

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