Chiropractic Care: Part of My Recovery from Lyme Disease (Testimonial)

Doug’s Recovery from Lyme Disease

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Are you struggling with Lyme Disease in Calgary? The symptoms of this nasty inflammatory infection can be widespread and affect the central nervous system considerably.

Dr. John Battershill at Revelation Health Centre has had great success in treating Lyme Disease patients over the years.

Doug is one of several Lyme Disease patients who have come to RHC looking for alternative healthcare to help with recovery.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience with Dr. Battershill:

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Looking for a “fixer”, found a “healer”

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I first learned about Revelation Health Centre from a patient of Dr. John’s while I was receiving IV treatment. She and I are dealing with the same illness. She told me “you should go and see Dr. John”.

A few weeks went by, I called and made an appointment. One of the first things I remember happening was being handed a form with some coloured markers to help me describe my condition / situation. This was new to me but really useful as I found it hard to describe this to other Doctors at this stage of my illness.

When it was time to meet Dr. John, I remember him saying that my situation / illness was complex. This was consistent news because I knew that I could put my trust in Dr. John. He told me that I was his 7th Lyme patient and that whatever we would work on that day in his office would help make the other treatments I was receiving work more effectively.

His understanding of chiropractic medicine, brain function and supplements were also welcome expertise that I found to be helpful and consistent with other health professionals that have been working on my “health puzzle” with me.  At a time when improvement and progress were hard for me to see, Dr. John and his assistant (Leanne) showed me measurable proof to track my progress.

The help and support I continue to receive at Revelation Health Centre has played a vital role in recovering from this horrible illness. I thought I was known in my life as a “fixer”. When I became “broken” I needed a fixer and with some help, I managed to find a healer instead. Glad I did.

– Doug Winkler

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