Calgary Chiropractor Patient Review: Chiropractor or Surgeon?

Revelation Health Patient Review: Chiropractor or Surgeon?

Are you looking for a highly qualified and experienced chiropractor in Calgary? If so, you’ll want to give Morgan’s chiropractor patient review a read concerning his choice between Chiropractic and surgery treatments.

With so many different Chiropractic and wellness clinics around the city, it can be difficult to find a practitioner who fulfills all of your patient needs. With that in mind, here is Morgan’s patient review of his overall experience at our clinic.

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Chiropractic Patient Review: Chiropractor or Surgeon?


In the late fall of 2014 at the age of 65, I had been referred by a spinal specialist to a spinal surgeon for a surgical consult due to protruding and herniated discs in my lumbar spine as well as advancing spinal stenosis.

December of 2014, while awaiting my surgical consult, I became a patient of an extremely talented Chiropractor, Dr. John of Revelation Health Centre, who felt that he could prevent me from undergoing surgery.

Initially, I visited Dr. John 3 times per week for approximately the first 3 months and, as my body showed noticeable progression, appointments eventually became once every 2 weeks to now once a month for approximately the last year.

My surgical consult finally occurred late October of 2016. The surgeon compared x-rays of my spine taken the day of my consult with my MRI of a couple of years ago. He pointed out the easy-to-see protruding discs on my MRI and then proceeded to show that my x-rays showed little, or no evidence of protruding discs in my lumbar spine.

The spinal surgeon pointed out the herniated disc on my MRI which my x-rays now showed only a very minute piece of herniated disc remaining. The herniated disc had virtually been completely re-absorbed into my body and bloodstream.

Through a comparison of my MRI and x-rays, it was also noted that there was a marked improvement in my level of spinal stenosis. During the consult, I was asked to walk on my toes and then on my heels and finally to do a deep knee-bend returning to a standing position.

Prior to performing the deep knee bend, I was informed I could use both hands to hold on to things for balance. The surgeon was amazed as, without any support, I performed a deep knee-bend basically right to the floor and then, without difficulty, returned to a standing position.

I reminded the spinal surgeon again of my extensive ongoing work with my Chiropractor, Dr. John. The spinal surgeon commented for me “to continue doing what I’ve been doing” as my body has responded magnificently to the treatment, guidance, and support of my Chiropractor.

Thanks to Dr. John … no surgery required and I’m able to live life as passionately as I do devoid of spinal pain and discomfort! ”

– Morgan

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