Calgary Patient Recovers Fully from Lyme Disease Symptoms

Patient Testimonial about Recovery from Lyme Disease Symptoms at Revelation Health

Many chiropractors specialize in various treatment methods that can help patients recover from a wide range of health problems. Dr. John Battershill is one of them, as he has expanded his knowledge and skillset to provide treatments to patients with varying diseases that affect the central nervous system – including Lyme Disease.

Hear what Andrea has to say about her diagnosis of Lyme Disease plus four co-infections and the chiropractic treatments that helped her regain her health at Revelation Health Centre with Dr. John Battershill, one of the Best Chiropractors in Calgary!

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Recovery from Lyme Disease + Co-infections


lyme disease treatment calgary revelation health centre chiropractic wellness clinic nw Calgary” Before seeing Dr. John I was a post-secondary athlete playing volleyball at the University of Calgary and was experiencing a significant decline in my health. On a daily basis I was experiencing severe fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, twitching, numbness and tingling through my extremities, pain in my head, muscles, joints and neck, nausea, word searching problems, light and auditory sensitivity, issues with digestion, anxiety, depression and one my most frustrating symptom problems with my vision (I had issues with depth perception and everything always looked like it was moving, even stationary objects).

After years of seeing an assortment of doctors, including neurologists, I still had no answers on what was occurring with my body and brain. Due to this I decided to explore alternative health options.

I began with naturopaths which helped me reach a diagnoses of Lyme disease, along with 4 other tick borne diseases, known as co-infections. I was put on 4 antibiotics (that I was on for over a year) along with an assortment of supplements (all together I was taking 22 pills in a day). On top of the pills and supplements I was receiving IV treatments 2-3 times a week.

I began to feel that the supplements and medications were not doing anything beneficial for me and no one was able to tell me what was happening with my brain. I was constantly told to be patient because the neurological symptoms would be the last to clear up. This answer was not good enough for me, I wanted to know what was happening in my brain and what I could do to make it better.

During treatment I decided to finish my last year on the volleyball team. Unfortunately the naturopathic doctor’s treatment exacerbated all of my symptoms, creating a herxheimer reaction and making me very ill all of the time. I was unable to leave the house because being around too many people, lights and sounds made me very sick. I was very isolated living by myself away from my family unable to go out to see people. It was extremely taxing to do small tasks like getting off the couch to cook for myself, put my dishes in the dishwasher or even raising my arms to do my hair. I felt trapped in my own body because of Lyme Disease.

brain nw calgary neurology chiropractor concussion rehabI was referred to Dr. John a year after I was done playing and at the time I wasn’t able to do any physical activity. I had debilitating neck pain and had a tough time keeping my head up and was in severe pain on a daily basis. At the time I had a lot of misconceptions about chiropractors and did not believe that I would benefit from seeing one but I was willing to try anything.  However the first time I saw Dr. John and received a traumatic brain injury and spinal assessment along with an adjustment, he was able to tell which area of my brain was injured and what I could do to give my brain the input it needed to give good output. On top of this my neck felt drastically better after the adjustment.

I was so happy to finally have some answers on what was going on in my brain and to know what I could do to help it heal. Dr. John was also able to tell me about what was going on in the rest of my body, for example he told me that I was having issues with my small intestine. Later when I was in the United States for treatment, I went through a number of tests and the results came back and reaffirmed everything that Dr. John had said was going on in my body.

As part of treatment Dr. John got me set up with a pair of eye-lights which I began to where 24/7 because they reduced the severity of my symptoms and made life bearable. On top of the exercises and the eye-lights I began a treatment schedule with Interactive Metronome (IM) and the Brain Body Balancer.

At the time I had severe brain fog that I had been living with for years without it ever lifting. I had massive cognitive impairment and when having conversations with people I would forget what we were talking about or I would be speaking and in mid-sentence forget what I was saying. During my treatments of IM and the Brain Body Balancer my fog would lift for brief periods of time which I hadn’t experienced for years because of Lyme Disease. It was pretty amazing.

On top of the neurological brain and spinal treatments, Dr. John recommended supplements that improved my digestion, memory and overall health.

All of the treatments combined helped me get my life back. My memory began to improve, along with my digestion and I started being able to go out to restaurants with my eye-lights on for around an hour, which later on I could manage without my eye-lights. Not only was I able to become social again but I was able to start exercising again and eventually I was able to begin playing the sport I love so much while wearing my eye-lights.

Dr. John has been a huge part of my recovery. He was able to get me out of pain by finding the root cause of my symptoms and help to resolve them. He helped me regain enjoyment in my life not only by helping me to re-gain my health but by caring about me as a human being and being truly invested in my health.

Today I continue to see Dr. John to get adjustments to maintain and improve my health despite being free from Lyme Disease symptoms. I can honestly say that Dr. John and Revelation Health Centre have changed my life. ”

– AndreaChiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

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