Calgary Chiropractor: Treating Morton’s Neuroma Using Orthotics

Do You Have a Morton’s Neuroma in Calgary? Custom Footmaxx Orthotics May Be for You!

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Healthy feet are so important to have as you go about your daily routine. Suffering from conditions such as hammer toes, planta fasciitis or neuromas, for example, can quickly zap your energy and prevent you from doing what you do with the energy and enthusiasm you need.

Fortunately, orthotics is a proven treatment method for many different foot conditions like Morton’s neuroma. The first step in treating these neuromas can be as simple as changing the type of shoes you wear or buying a pair of custom-made orthotics.

Metascan + 3Dmaxx

Footmaxx makes use of a state-of-the-art gait and pressure evaluation and creates a report which is then assessed by a certified pedorthist. Using this information, a set of custom orthotics is made to suit your needs and help treat the pain and discomfort associated with neuromas of the foot.

These orthotics are shipped to the clinic you purchased them at in a timely manner.

Below are some of the causes, signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with Morton neuromas and how it can be treated using a pair of custom Footmaxx orthotics from Revelation Health Centre.

What is a neuroma?Revelation Health Centre Orthotics Kensington Calgary Alberta

A neuroma occurs when nerve tissue thickens due to irritation and compression as a result of improper foot function. The compression results in enlargement of the nerve, which can result in permanent nerve damage.

The most common location is in the foot between the third and fourth toes, a condition also known as Morton’s neuroma. Neuromas can also occur in other parts of the foot.

What are signs and symptoms of a neuroma?

There are several signs and symptoms of a neuroma you should be on the look out for, especially if you’re experiencing discomfort in your feet. Those include:

  • Radiating pain from the ball of your foot into your toes
  • Tingling, burning and or numbness
  • A sensation that something is inside the ball of your foot
  • A sensation that an object is in your shoe or sock

What is the solution?

While there are a handful of different treatments for a neuroma, a common one is using custom-made orthotics to reduce compression and irritation.

To help with neuromas, Footmaxx uses a bar-shaped pad called a neuroma pad. The neuroma pad helps spread the problematic toe joints to relieve the pinched nerve in your foot.

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