Calgary Chiropractor: Treating Calluses Using Orthotics

Do You Have Calluses? Footmaxx Orthotics May Be for You!

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A problem with your feet – such as an uncomfortable or painful callus – can be as problematic as it gets.

Our feet provide the means to walk and live out our lives daily, which is why if you are experiencing problems that are related to calluses, Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic is here to help.

Here’s some information on signs, symptoms, causes and risk factors associated with the development of calluses on your feet as well as how to treat them using Footmaxx Orthotics, Revelation Health Centre’s line of custom orthotic soles.


What are calluses?

Calluses are areas of dead, hardened skin on the foot. They form to protect the skin and structures underneath from pressure, friction and injury and may appear grayish, yellowish or bumpy.

These “patches” of skin typically develop on the soles of your feet, especially on the ball or heel area.

Calluses become a problem when they grow large enough to cause pain or impede proper functioning of your foot.


What are signs and symptoms of calluses?questions health northwest calgary chiropractor

You could have just one or a combination of any of the following:

  • A raised, hardened bump of skin
  • A thick and rough part of the skin
  • Flaky, dry and / or waxy skin
  • Pain and tenderness under the skin


What causes calluses? Revelation Health Centre Orthotics Kensington Calgary Alberta

Calluses are caused by repeated friction or pressure on an area of skin. As a result, the skin dies to form a protective layer where the pressure and / or friction is occurring.

Some high heels, work boots and snowboarding boots are common callus-causing footwear.


What is the solution?

Calluses are accommodated by adding well cut-outs or u-pads to your Footmaxx orthotics. The orthotic redistributes weight and reduces the friction that cause calluses.

Footmaxx Orthotics are proven to correct calluses using state-of-the-art orthotic technology. Find our more about Revelation Health Centre’s line of custom Footmaxx Orthotics today.

Orthotics are also used to treat painful and / or uncomfortable bunions. Find out more at Calgary Chiropractor: Treating Bunions Using Footmaxx Orthotics today.


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