Causes of Arthritis You Can Change to Help Reduce Symptoms

Arthritic Symptoms: What Can You Do?things you can do to reduce arthritic symptoms

If you stub your toe and you take a painkiller or an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drug to help with the pain, does that fix the problem?

It may give you temporary relief from symptoms, but it won’t fix the underlying issue – a misstep, perhaps? Be careful next time! The same goes with arthritis.

Many arthritis patients take prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs to subside soreness and pain as a “quick fix” which doesn’t address what’s causing the symptoms in the first place.

Fact is that arthritis is quite a broad term used to describe about 200 or so different rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints.

Causes of arthritis include (but are not limited to):

  • loose ligaments
  • soft cartilage
  • acidic body pH
  • too much emotional stress
  • too much anaerobic exercise
  • slow and repetitive strains at work or in sports
  • sitting for hours at a desk working
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • a bad diet
  • high exertion activities or exercises


  • physical blunt-force trauma from a car accident
  • genetic predisposition
  • abnormal metabolism
  • immune system dysfunction
  • Lyme disease

Do Your Part to Prevent Arthritiswoman winning celebrating healthy lifestyle

Notice the first set of factors listed above can be manipulated and improved upon, if, let’s say, you were someone who had arthritis or felt prone to getting it?

Not all factors are under our control, especially if you “inherited” osteoarthritis, for example, or had Lyme-disease-related arthritis.

But there definitely are changes you can make that would help reduce arthritic symptoms, even if it was induced by Lyme disease.

Change Your Diet

Changing up your diet to avoid arthritis-inducing foods (meat, eggs, fish, etc.) while taking more vitamins like calcium, magnesium and zinc would help keep ligaments tight and harden cartilage.

Alkalize Your Body

Like the last point, but different. Eat lots of alkalizing foods like vegetables and fruits, some seeds, oils and grains.

The higher you can raise the pH of your body, the better for preventing acidity which causes your soft tissues, bones and even your organs to break down and weaken.

Take it Easy at the Gym

Toning down the work outs to do something that’s less straining on your ligaments and joints at the gym – if it was an option – could help reduce the chances of your symptoms flaring up.

You can get just as toned by doing lighter weight but more reps, for example.

Keep Calm, Carry On

Changing your environment to reduce the emotional stress you incur every day isn’t just good for reducing arthritic emergence, but also for your overall health in general.

Stand Up at Work, or Use a Med-Ball

Simply changing your posture can help reduce wear and tear on your ligaments and joints. See these 5 Tips for Healthy Posture… from a Chiropractor for more.

Painful or Sore Joints?

Common arthritic pain is felt in the fingers, hands and wrists, feet, knees and hips. As a matter of fact, pain and swelling are two of the most common symptoms of arthritis.

Less dramatic symptoms include clicking and popping in the joints upon movement and lots of muscle tension. The clicking and popping indicates hyper-mobility which always has arthritis and sometimes tendinitis as a side effect.

Such symptoms will tire you out and drain your energy. Then, it’s possible your muscles will contract more to stabilize those unstable and loose joints because of something called ligament laxity. As a result, your muscles will burn more energy and you’ll get tired.

If you have joint pain / swelling, popping and clicking joints and feel like you energy is drained, you should consider getting evaluated for arthritis.

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Chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, nutritional supplementation and physio exercises are just a few ways they help patients with their arthritic causes and symptoms at our clinic in the Kensington District of Calgary’s northwest inner city.

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