3 Ways We Treat Neck Pain at Revelation Health Centre

Have Neck Pain? Here’s 3 Ways We Treat Your Pain at RHCwhat causes neck pain subluxations stresses degeneration trauma

Are you tired of a sore, aching neck? Neck pain of any kind can take the pep out of your step at work, school or during other daily activities, something that many of us can’t afford in day-to-day life.

Not to worry though, as our team of chiropractors have the knowledge and expertise to treat your neck pain efficiently and effectively as possible.

They also will treat the underlying root cause of your neck pain so that it doesn’t come back as easily next time (let’s hope not at all).

Here are three ways we treat your neck pain at Revelation Health Centre, a northwest chiropractic clinic located in the inner city district of Kensington. Depending on the findings of their assessment, our chiropractors are likely to perform all three treatments on you in one visit!

#1 – Orthopedic Assessmentmuscle ligaments tendons joints strains pains calgary chiropractor

Initially, our chiropractor will perform an in-depth orthopedic examination to identify what areas of the neck exhibit nerve compression because the nerves control the function of all the muscles of the head, shoulders and arms. We want to know what nerves are not working, so we know how to create healthy adjustments that will improve the function of the nerves.

Part of this assessment also involves identifying which stabilizer muscles and major muscles aren’t working properly in and around the neck because lack of function in one can result in others over-contracting and result in pain. This too can be fixed by chiropractic adjustments.

#2 – Muscular ExaminationActive release technique ART Calgary inner city revelation health centre

After an orthopedic assessment, our chiropractor will perform a muscular examination to indentify muscle imbalances in the chest, shoulders, neck and back that can be contributing to the nerve compression. In doing so, we can balance out all the muscles pulling abnormally on the neck and shoulders.

This includes balancing out the entire rib cage, because if the lower rib cage is out of alignment, the upper rib cage will also be out of alignment which will put extra tension on the muscles of the shoulders holding the head on the neck. This balancing act is achieved by corresponding chiropractic adjustments based off the findings of the muscular examination.

#3 – Laser Therapylaser therapy kensington hillhurst sunnyside revelation health centre calgary alberta

If there is inflammation and / or swelling around the neck, our chiropractor will suggest using a 905 nanometre cold laser to help reduce symptoms and activate the metabolism of the injured cells.

Depending on the severity of the swelling and inflammation, it may be recommended to you to book a laser therapy session using our more advanced Theralase TLC-2000 system which uses much more concentrated and powerful lasers to help bring healing more quickly, efficiently and completely pain-free.

A Closing Remark

When it comes to neck pain, one person’s case may be entirely different from another’s. There’s no cookie-cutter solution to cure this symptom, which is why our team of chiropractors perform thorough examinations to determine what’s causing the symptoms and how to fix it.

As a patient at RHC, you’ll receive a completely customized treatment plan to help reduce neck pain and regain your health. The methods listed above are just three of the most common we use; they diversify in their own respects regarding the findings of the orthopedic and muscular assessments.

It’s important to remember that just because your neck pain has subsided after a few visits doesn’t always mean that it’s completely healed. The underlying root cause may still be there, which is why our chiropractors sometimes recommend continued treatment until they are fully healed.


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