3 Ways We Treat Knee Pain at Revelation Health Centre

Have Knee Pain? Here’s 3 Ways We Treat Your Pain at RHC

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Are you sick and tired of having knee pain? It sucks when your knees are aching, especially when walking to do daily tasks is a must for almost anybody.

Not to worry, as our team of experienced chiropractors know what it takes to alleviate your pain and treat the underlying root cause so that it doesn’t come back – but only if you don’t want it to!

Here are the three ways we treat your knee pain at Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in NW Calgary. Our chiropractors are likely to perform all three assessment / treatment methods on you on one visit!

#1 – Orthopedic Assessmentmuscle ligaments tendons joints strains pains calgary chiropractor

First off, one of our chiropractors will perform a full orthopedic assessment on the knee to identify if the cartilage and ligaments are strong. Signs of weakened ligaments include clicking and popping around the knee joint.

Next up is to identify which major muscle groups and which stabilizer muscle groups are not doing their job because if one muscle turns off other muscles over contract and create a misalignment of the joint. This misalignment will cause a decrease in strength of the soft tissues around the knee joint creating pain and other symptoms.

#2 – Misalignment AssessmentActive release technique ART Calgary inner city revelation health centre

Once your knee has been evaluated, our chiropractor will start to assess the hip, pelvis and foot because very frequently other joints are misaligned with internal rotation at the hip for instance which then sets the knee up for misalignment creating pain and other symptoms.

After the orthopedic and misalignment assessments are performed, the chiropractor you’re working with will begin chiropractic adjustments to help restore function and reduce symptoms such as pain.

#3 – Laser Treatmentlaser therapy kensington hillhurst sunnyside revelation health centre calgary alberta

If our chiropractor does find swelling around the knee, a 905 nanometre cold laser will be used to reduce inflammation and improve the metabolism of the injured cells, bringing healing quickly, efficiently and comfortably.

If a more powerful and concentrated cold laser session is needed to further help reduce your knee pain, it will be recommended to you and is your choice to pursue that treatment method.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art TLC-2000 Cold Laser Therapy System today.

A Closing Remark

There are a ton of different causes of knee pain. Our team of chiropractors are committed to treating the pain while also investigating what is causing it so that they can better treat it and help reduce flare ups in the future.

As a patient, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan to help you with your knee pain and get back towards health.

It’s important to remember that just because your knee pain has gone away in one or two visits, that the underlying root cause still may be there so we may recommend continued treatments until it’s fully healed.


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