3 Ways We Treat Back Pain at Revelation Health Centre

Have Back Pain in Calgary? Here’s 3 Ways We Treat Your Pain at Revelation Health

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Are you tired of a sore, aching back? Whether its your lower, middle or upper back, such pain can take the pep out of your step as you go about your daily activities in a hurry. Nobody wants to have to live with back pain!

Fortunately, our Chiropractors specialize in treating all sorts of back pain: lower, middle and upper!

Subluxations are one of the most common causes – when bones or joints are misaligned and affect the ability of nerves to transmit impulses to and from your brain – which can result in dysfunction in your musculoskeletal systems.

For example, a spinal subluxation could cause a muscle in your lower back to contract tighter to compensate for weakness in another part of the body, creating some level of pain. This can be treated effectively with a visit to one of our Chiropractors!

Sometimes subluxations are brought on by sudden physical trauma while other times they could be a cause of chemical toxicity or emotional distress. In short, there can be an underlying cause that attributes to these subluxations; identifying what the root cause is becomes an important step in treating back pain effectively.

With that in mind, here are three ways our Chiropractors treat back pain at Revelation Health:

#1 – Orthopedic Assessmentfitness shoulder sorness muscle strains pains

The first step is to identify what is causing your back pain. Sometimes you may just wake up with a sore, aching back and not know exactly what’s going on.

Our Chiropractors perform an in-depth orthopedic examination to determine what areas of your back may be experiencing abnormal compression and subluxation(s). See these 5 FAQ’s on Subluxations.

A spinal subluxation affects your body’s ability to relay information between your central nervous system and the rest of your body. Therefore, it’s usually quite obvious as to what part of your spine needs an adjustment in order to restore any lost function that has resulted from the subluxation(s).

#2 – Cox® Technique

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A compressed spinal joint will need to be decompressed. Cox® Technique is a gentle, safe and pain-free method of spinal decompression and pain management that uses flexion-distraction to relieve pressure off the vertebral joints.

A Cox® Table is a specially-engineered platform that makes this decompression possible. By laying down on the table, our Chiropractor will be able to manipulate the movement of your back by moving the table with one hand will applying pressure on your spine with the other. This resolves subluxations and maintains healthy discs through imbibition.

#3 – Chiropractic Adjustment

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Go to the Chiropractor and you’ll get an adjustment, especially when seeking relief from back pain! The adjustment you receive for lower back pain may be different than the one you would get for middle or upper back pain.

These adjustments help to realign your musculoskeletal system (correct subluxations) and work very well when used in tandem with other treatment methods like the Cox® Technique.

Many patients have told our Chiropractors that their back pain feels 25% to 50% percent better after getting just one decompression and adjustment – all included when you book a Chiropractic appointment at Revelation Health Centre!

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