25 Fun Factoids on Chiropractic Care & Health as a Whole

25 Fun & Interesting Factoids on Chiropractic & Health

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#1 – A head turning fact – Birds can turn their heads almost in a complete circle partly due to their S-shaped cervical curve. Giraffes lack a curve, severely limiting their mobility. How’s your curve? There may be something wrong if you are experiencing neck pain.

#2 – Blood doctors vs. nerve doctors – Medical doctors prescribe drugs to change blood chemistry. Chiropractic doctors use adjustments to revive the integrity of the controlling impulses of the nervous system.

#3 – British study: chiropractic superior – A 1990 study of low back pain patients revealed that chiropractic patients got better results, missed less work and the results lasted longer than those receiving medical care (BMJ, Vol. 300, Pages 1431-1437).

#4 – Doctors don’t heal! – There’s never been a doctor who could form scar tissue or mend a broken bone. You’re the doctor. As you recover, give yourself a pat on the back for doing such a great job!

#5 – Fever and vomiting sign of health – True health is when your body works correctly. Coughing, sneezing and other symptoms mean your body is working right. True health is how you function, not how you feel.

Active release technique ART Calgary inner city revelation health centre#6 – Forgetting something? – We hope you haven’t left your family at home with pre-symptomatic subluxations! A chiropractic check-up now could help prevent problems later. Find out how we make care affordable for your entire family.

#7 – Germ theory just a theory – Germs don’t cause disease any more than flies cause garbage cans. Germs are a threat only when you create a hospitable environment for them to flourish!

#8 – Health: A state of optimum physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity — Do you prefer sick or health care? – Most so-called health care is merely symptom treating. It should be called “sick” care! True health care is the promotion of optimum physical, mental and social well-being.

#9 – How long will you need chiropractic care? – How long do you intend to brush and floss your teeth? How long do you plan to wash, cut and style your hair? Have your eyes checked? Trim your nails? Maintain your spine?

#10 – Intelligent or smart? – Regardless of IQ, you have an inborn intelligence that handles all the details needed to keep you alive. It’s all directed by your nervous system, the focus of chiropractic care.

#11 – It’s Greek to us – the word chiropractic comes from combining the words “cheir” meaning hand, and “praktikos” meaning done by. Today’s chiropractic is done with instruments, gravity and by hand.

muscle ligaments tendons joints strains pains calgary chiropractor#12 – Muscle relaxer shortage? – orchestrated by your nervous system, your body supplies the correct dosage of antibodies, enzymes, endorphins and other compounds precisely when they are needed. If not, why?

#13 – Nervous system vital for life! – You can live about a month without food. About a week without water. About 3 minutes without oxygen. But only a couple of seconds without essential nervous system function!

#14 – Spinal adjustments can help newborns – even the most “natural” birth can produce spinal subluxations in newborns. A pediatric chiropractic adjustment uses about the same pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato!

#15 – Study shows chiropractic safe – A New Zealand government study concluded that contrary to many critics, chiropractic adjustments, when delivered by chiropractors, are “remarkably safe” (Chiropractic in New Zealand. Report of the Commission of Inquiry. 1979, page 78)

#16 – Subluxations are serious – like the notes that form from a musical chord, subluxations involve bones, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and if ignored cause spinal decay. Good thing you’re seeing us!

#17 – Symptoms poor judge of health – how do you know if you’re healthy? The first symptom of problems like heart disease, hypertension and cancer is often death! Does a loved one have pre-symptomatic subluxations?

back pain spinal decompression bad posture sitting form#18 – Three major causes reported – subluxations can have structural causes from trauma, slips and repetitive motions, chemical causes such as drugs, alcohol and poor nutrition and emotional causes such as fear, anger and stress.

#19 – We’re counting on you! – we don’t benefit from the $1 billion spent each month by drug marketers. Instead, we depend upon you telling others who want a natural approach to better health. Thank you!

#20 – Wellness as a lifestyle – once crews finishing painting the Golden Gate Bridge at one end, they start over at the other. They don’t wait for rust or other “symptoms”. Get well, then see us to help stay well.

#21 – What others notice first – do you project an image of power, confidence and good health? Or do you slump and appear weak and frail? In many ways your posture affects how others treat you!

#22 – What’s more valuable to you? – your health is your most valuable possession. It affects everything you do and everyone you know. Be your best with a program of regular chiropractic checkups. You’re worth it!

#23 – What’s that sound? – some types of adjustments produce a “popping” sound, similar to uncorking champagne. The sound is interesting, but isn’t an indicator of the value or quality of the adjustment.

orthotics x-ray nw calgary chiropractor chiropractic care#24 – Why we analyze X-rays – ever ask a mechanic to repair your car without lifting the hood? Probably not. Pictures of your spine confirm other exam findings and make your chiropractic care more precise.

#25 – Your nervous system controls everything – a properly working nervous system is a key to good health. Not your blood pressure (controlled by your nervous system) or your pulse (also controlled by your nervous system).

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