What is BrainTap Technology? Stress Relief Made Easy! [Video]

What is BrainTap Technology? Ask Patrick, its Inventor…

“BrainTap is a tool used to get you out of that “fight-or-flight”, highly-stressed move, and we use light and sound to do that. Lights in the ears to calm the nervous system, and lights in the eyes, to help you stay relaxed with the sounds that are coming through the earphones.

So, your eyes are closed, there’s a pattern of light and sound that’s guiding you from a wide-awake, alert conscious state called beta into a dreamy drowsy relaxed state of alpha-theta, while keeping you from falling into a deep – delta sleep.

Now through that process your going to find that its enjoyable and there’s also going to be words. These words are using something they call epigenetics says that 98 percent of what’s causing you to function is not in your genes, but its in your surroundings.

The books you read, the people you hang out with, the thoughts you think. With that in mind, were going to retrain the brain to think and act in a more relaxed manner, that’s what the BrainTap does.

What are the benefits?

The number one benefit of BrainTap is this: it causes you to relax so it eliminates stress. Its going to increase a lot of neurochemicals in the brain like serotonin, norepinephrine, its going to help you feel good, relax and accomplish more.

Now we use the BrainTap in many different areas, in fact we have 43 different models that we use the BrainTap for. The main ones of course are:

  • Stress reduction
  • Helping people with sleeping problems
  • Overcoming the smoking addiction or any addiction for that matter
  • As well as weight loss

So whatever your doctor has had you to do, we have a program which supports that using the light and sound technology in the BrainTap headset. All you need to do is relax, let the process happen, and you’ll awaken refreshed, revitalized and with a new sense of purpose to accomplish your personal goals.

What can I expect?

While wearing the BrainTap headset, you’re going to feel perhaps a little warmth in the ears because the ear lights actually freeing up the meridian in the ears. Your going to hear a message that’s going to guide you from being wide awake into a state like sleep with your eyes comfortably closed, there’s going to be blue pulsating lights.

Now that light and sound is going to guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Some people feel a lightness, others a heaviness and others feel a tingling sensation, but as you learn to relax with the process, you will learn to let go and discover your own relaxation response.

You don’t have to worry if you relax too much because at the end of every BrainTap session, its going to guide you back to wide-awake alert consciousness. So all you need to do is let it happen. That word “let” means to no way help or hinder the process, just put the headset on and let yourself go.

Your body and mind will synchronize with the ideas and concepts, and then bring to pass as reality those positive results that you want in your life.”

– Dr. Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

BrainTap at Revelation Health Centre

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you suffer from lack of sleep or post-traumatic stress disorder? Looking to get motivated in your life? If you have said yes to any of these, BrainTap may just be the stress relief treatment you need!

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