VIDEO: Huber Body Equilibrium Motion Lab (Body Brain Balancer) in Action

Body Brain Balancer Motion Lab: Physical, Mental, Technique and Beauty Benefits

LPG’s Huber Motion Lab / Body Brain Balancer works to trigger fat burning while also strengthening the abdomen’s core postural muscles.

Its fat burning program correlates cardio with a mild to medium muscular workout and is presented to the client as a progressive series of positions and targets to meet.

This, of course, makes the Huber Motion Lab exercise a fun and engaging activity. In less than three minutes, your body will enter a zone of maximum fat burning which is achieved in a variety of different ways.


  • Active training of the abdomen’s core postural muscles
  • Cardio: reduction of your heart beat by 10 beats per minute (bpm) during exercise
  • Flexibility: less painful and more efficient way of stretching ligaments and joints
  • Muscle reinforcement: targeting muscle(s) of your choice
  • Over 400 exercises included


  • Improved concentration
  • Increased resistance to mental fatigue
  • Mental representation of movement in space
  • All feedback is ultra-precise


  • Preset workout programs and protocols for more than 12 sports
  • Easy-to-use, free menu: adapted exercises work on your personalized biomechanics
  • Two-dimensional (2D) target: unique technology modelling the force components which reproduces and analyzes sport movements as a whole


The beauty benefits of using the Huber Body Equilibrium Motion Lab / Body Brain Balancer is achieved through its physical, mental and technique benefits mentioned above.

In a single session enjoy all the benefits of core, postural, cardio-training, muscle-toning, pilates and stretching exercises.

Its progressive protocols give you a sense of accomplishment in your personalized program while your personal progress and achievements can be viewed at any time before or after your work out on the machine!

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