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Yours in health,

Dr. John Battershill, D.C.

I have returned to my regular level of activity

September 4, 2016

A year and a half before finding Dr. Battershill at the Revelation Health Centre, I injured my back transferring an elderly parent from a wheelchair into a vehicle. I had already been going to a Chiropractor regularly for minor back adjustments and addressed this recent injury with him. The discomfort was reduced by further treatments but after three months I developed severe pain in my hip and leg. The pain was so severe that I was barely able to walk, stand or lie down. Sitting was the only way to achieve any level of comfort. For a period of three months, I was forced to spend my nights sleeping in a reclining chair. Over the counter and prescription pain medication didn’t touch the pain. After several visits to my Chiropractor, he advised me that he couldn’t help. I then tried acupuncture, deep tissue massage, laser therapy and physiotherapy. I even tried an inversion table. None of these treatments helped.

Eventually when I visited a second Chiropractor, he sent me for x-rays and an MRI before conducting any adjustments, and determined that I had a compression fracture of one vertebrae, a herniated disc and several bulging discs. After a number of visits this second Chiropractor also said he could not provide the help I needed.

A back specialist advised that back surgery should resolve the problem but the wait list in Alberta was 18 to 36 months. I followed his recommendation and went to Vancouver to have the surgery performed right away. The surgery was a success and I was feeling better immediately.

Unfortunately, after three months of recovery and rehab the same disc herniated again and I was back where I started – barely able to walk, stand or lie down. The second Chiropractor I had visited recommended I see a colleague of his who performed adjustments using a Cox Flexion Distraction table. I contacted Dr. John Battershill and made my first appointment approximately 18 months after the initial injury.

I visited Dr. Battershill for adjustments using the Flexion Distraction technique three times during the first week and noticed immediate improvement in the level of pain in my hip and leg. After two weeks and six visits I was feeling remarkably better. The pain was minimal and my mobility was returning. Within four weeks I was down to one visit per week and feeling about 90%. The degree of improvement over such a short period of time was astounding. Within two months I was down to one visit every two weeks and continue to regain mobility and endurance.

As a result of the treatment I received from Dr. Battershill at the Revelation Health Centre, I have returned to my regular level of activity and am once again able to participate in all the activities which I enjoyed prior to my injury.

– Anonymous

Chiropractic, Interactive Metronome and Huber

July 29, 2016

I first learned about Revelation Health Centre from a patient (of Dr John) while I was being treated for Lyme Disease. I had been suffering from chronic symptoms such as short term memory loss, inability to focus and executive functioning issues.

One of the first things I remember happening when I went to my 1st appointment, was being handed a form with some coloured markers. These were used along side an outline of the human body to help me describe my condition/situation.

With my cognitive impairment, this helped me to describe my symptoms more clearly, as I found it hard to describe this to other doctor’s at this stage of my illness. He offered me a lifeline at a very difficult time in my life. My symptoms were varied and complex and he later became a very crucial part of my road to recovery. He told me that I was his 7th Lyme patient and that whatever we would work on that day in the office would help make the other treatments I was receiving work more effectively. This included Chiropractic therapy, Interactive Metronome and Huber.

Over the course of the past two years, I made appointments twice a week, taking part in the 3 aforementioned treatments. His understanding of chiropractic medicine, brain function and supplements were also welcome expertise that I found to be helpful and consistent with other health professionals that had been working on my ongoing health issues.

Progress was slow but Dr. John and his assistant Leanne provided me with ongoing feedback to track my progress. The help and support I continue to receive at Revelation Health Centre has played a vital role in my recovery from this debilitating illness. I thought I was known in my life as a “fixer”. When I became “broken” I put my trust in Dr. John. He is a healer and I am grateful.

– Doug Winkler

Return to normal activity levels and improved Diabetes control

April 11, 2015

I am 62 years old and have been a type I (insulin dependant) diabetic for 33 years. I have led a very active lifestyle, being involved in a number of sports and outdoor activities my entire life.

Over the last 5 years, some of the complications of diabetes have caught up to me, mainly complications of neuropathy as well as retinopathy. The lower leg issues were further complicated with OA in my knee as well as lower leg pain and swelling from venous insufficiency.

Balance was a challenge at the best of times. My activities were greatly curtailed resulting in short walks as opposed to mountaineering. The setback was also creating feelings of depression at times.

I attended to an assessment from Dr. Battershill with the main intent to improve my mobility, improve my balance as well as to reduce the effects of neuropathy, if at all possible. I was on a list for a total knee replacement, which I also wanted to avoid if possible. The assessment was very detailed and thorough. The underlying causes for many of my issues were thoroughly explained and a clear, detailed treatment plan was proposed for my consideration.

A short time after I commenced with the prescribed treatment plan, I was feeling much better. My pain issues were greatly reduced, my balance improved significantly, and my knee pain is significantly reduced. I no longer take any pain medications and I have a much improved feeling of wellness and heightened energy level, likely due to some of the natural supplements that my body required. I no longer feel neuropathic pain, but it may take some time for nerve senses to return. My blood sugar levels are improved and much more stable. I do a series of gentle exercises regularly to help my body get balance and feelings back.

I am very much looking forward to returning to more physical activities, hiking in the mountains, cycling, golfing and whatever else my friends have in store for me. I have removed myself from the planned knee replacement surgery due to the progress achieved so far.

I will continue to see Dr. John for regular checkups to ensure that I continue on the path he has placed me on. I could not be more pleased with the results and I would highly recommend his treatments.

– Frank C.

Relief from pain and restriction

October 21, 2014

Eight years ago I had a couple of car accidents and other injuries that left me with pain, discomfort, restricted movement and difficulty sleeping. I tried chiropractic, physio, massage and acupuncture with little improvement. A friend recommended Dr. John, I decided to see him, but wasn’t that hopeful.

I was pleasantly surprised when I felt improvement with in the first week of treatments. After 2 months of Dr. John’s Chiropractic care, I feel very different. My body moves with more ease and flexibility. I have no pain, can walk far and am sleeping well. My energy is up and I can feel all kinds of things in my body that I couldn’t before. Supplements work better for me as well. It is such a joy to experience my body in this way again. I am amazed and grateful.

It’s always interesting getting treatments at the Revelation Health Centre because Dr. John is so knowledgeable about the body and health. I learn new things every time I’m there. He is through, holistic and insightful in his Chiropractic care. He also recommends supplements, nutrition and exercises I need.

I’ll definitely continue receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. John with ongoing health concerns and stresses, it makes sense to keep tuned up and feeling good.

Thank you Dr. John

– Karen

With Gratitude for Enhancing My Quality of Life

October 14, 2014

From the relative early age of 10 when I accidentally fell out of a barn loft driving both my knees into the floor of the box of an old farm truck, I have experienced numerous spinal-related issues. My fall did not limit or prevent my involvement in any activities normally associated with growing up and entering adulthood. I grew to accept the changes and compensations my body created to adapt to my fall believing that everything was normal.

On the odd occasion when my physical well-being compromises reared their painful heads, I realized that I had been coping my entire life with an extremely high pain tolerance. Ultimately, my physical compromises caught up with me some sixty years after their inception.

From early 2014 onwards, my spinal-related issues with my lumbar spine invoking my right sciatic nerve served to literally immobilize me as well as place me in constant and extremely relentless intense pain. Multi-faceted medical interventions, including medications, regular corticosteroid injections, nerve ablation procedures and laser therapy, only temporarily eased my pain. An MRI showed three protruding discs, a herniated disc, and disc fragments in my lumbar spine area that seemed to be working in concert with my sciatic nerve. After having a medical spinal assessment, I was referred to a spinal surgeon for a surgical consult for which I have been awaiting now for 8 months.

A renewed lease and outlook on life presented itself with my alignment with Dr. John Battershill, D.C., at Revelation Health Centre commencing December 1, 2014. After reviewing Dr. John’s very thorough assessment of my condition, he boldly commented that, if I chose to work with him, he could prevent me from undergoing surgery.

Based upon Dr. John’s professional assuredness coupled with his very apparent concern for his fellow human, I immediately chose to align myself with Dr. John. For the entire month of December, I visited Dr. John 3 times per week. It was during this time that Dr. John’s ‘magic’ became readily apparent to me. My body responded extremely well to regular and routine treatments on Dr. John’s decompression table.

His highly-trained professional eye continually picks up any inconsistencies presented by my body. He not only brought to my attention areas of concern such as my posture and forward head positioning in relation to my spine but presented techniques, equipment, and exercises to rectify such concerns. Dr. John’s observant eye identified a bulge on the right side of my body in proximity to my liver for which he recommended that I have an abdominal ultrasound. My ultrasound report indicated the presence of a ‘fatty liver’ resulting in medical professionals advising I should consider working with a dietician. Upon sharing this report with Dr. John, he responded that I already had a dietician … namely, Dr. John!

Medical professionals had repeatedly informed me throughout my entire life that I had an extremely low/slow metabolism complete with markedly low internal energy levels but very few, if any, resolution steps were offered. However, upon sharing with Dr. John, he explained that I had a metabolic disease which he also termed a ‘leaky gut syndrome’ in which much of the protein I had been digesting had been in fact leaking through ‘holes’ in my stomach and not feeding my cells as should have been the case. What wasn’t leaking through my stomach was the fat molecules/globules which readily deposited themselves around my liver, heart, and arteries. As a result of these findings, Dr. John immediately put me on nutritional supplements to treat this condition.

Shortly after starting to take these supplements, I noticed my strong urge to feed my sweet tooth had completely disappeared as well as my internal energy levels began to soar. Sweets such as cookies and cakes, candies, and food laced with added sugar, which previously had been a relatively regular staple of my diet, had totally lost their appeal. When I shared this insight with Dr. John, he explained my ‘sweet habit’ was my body’s cry for fuel and energy which it had not previously been receiving; that is, until I had commenced ingesting nutritional supplements, protein included, Dr. John recommended as an appropriate response to my fatty liver/metabolic disease.

My lifetime of spinal-related issues had negatively impacted my balance and coordination. It was not uncommon for me to search for support as I navigated stairs especially and even sometimes on the level in wide open spaces. My lack of balance, coordination, and rhythmic presence caused me to avoid situations, such as dancing, which required my body to successfully co-ordinate such bodily functions. However, working with Dr. John’s Human Body Equilibrium Lab (Huber) to improve my balance, equilibrium, coordination, strength, and endurance has produced dramatic improvements. My balance now is quite remarkable and I now assuredly navigate stairs up and down without the need for support. Working with Leanne on the Interactive Metronome (IM) noticeably improved my rhythm and timing and, as a result, markedly enhanced my motor coordination, balance, and gait. My motor skills, cognitive processes, and focus have shown perceptible and substantial refinement and enhancement. As a result, my over-all confidence level has markedly risen.

Working with Dr. John has been a Godsend! Even the ravishes of osteoarthritis have vanished. As a result of working with Dr. John, arthritic pain is no longer! Another noticeable effect of working with Dr. John is marked increase in body resiliency. At the end of January 2015, I lost my mother-in-law and mother 5 days apart. The care and guidance of Dr. John permitted me to cope with these losses without being completely wiped out.

The personal Wellness Program Dr. John designed for me has unquestionably permitted me to optimize my body and related functions and, in turn, enhance my quality of life and maximize my life potential. Working with Dr. John has made medications, injections, and other medical interventions things of the past. My initial intense schedule of Dr. John visits has transitioned since the end of February 2015 into a maintenance visit once every three to four weeks. The Benjamin Franklin axiom of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” speaks clearly and loudly to why I continue receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. John. I have much gratitude to the work of Dr. John with me and heartily, without reservation, endorse and recommend Dr. John and his assistant Leanne!

Respectfully submitted,

– Murray D.

More than JUST an adjustment

September 22, 2014

I came to see Dr. John Battershill a few months after my first surgery, and before my second (and final) surgery. Specifically, my surgery was on the large intestine of my G.I. Tract. At the time, I was experiencing a lot of pain on my left side (hips, knee etc), even to the point of being unable to walk. After my initial appointments with John, I experienced immediate results. The pain subsided substantially and I was able to regain normal walking function.

The root problem was the IT band of my left side, not the knee or hips, as I originally anticipated. What I learned is the IT band is connected to the large intestine, which was deeply affected as a result of the intense surgery my body experienced. The shock and trauma the body experiences from any kind of surgery affects the central nervous system, which essentially connects all the systems of our body. Once the root issue was treated and diagnosed, my adaptation potential increased greatly. Now my body can adapt and respond more effectively in any environment.

Chiropractic is more than just an adjustment. It is an integrated healthcare approach as it strives to holistically get the body back in balance to promote optimum health and well-being for the patient. I have continued seeing John post-surgery to optimize the well-being of my health and post-surgical care.

As a result of my experience, I highly recommend John for any problems one may be experiencing in their body. John is excellent at what he does because of his in-depth knowledge of how the body works, his ability to communicate to the patient in an understandable way, as well as his great diagnostic and treatment skills to assess the root issue. ”


– Dwight

Chiropractic and extreme vertigo

September 4, 2014

After suffering through eight months of extreme motion dizziness, Dr. John gave me back my life!!
After 10 visits to my family doctor and two visits to an ENT specialist, I was sent home with no diagnosis and more follow up appointments and frustration as I was always told there was nothing wrong with me. I wanted to feel normal again. I finally decided to take charge of my own health and that’s when I found the RHC website and Dr. John.

I have two small babies under the age of two. Every day I was faced with dizziness, complete brain fog, severe headaches, horrible neck pain and my eyes could not focus properly, ever. My whole world looked different. Looking after two small children is hard enough on the best of days. I had no idea how I would cope.

After trying such things as acupuncture and several natural remedies I didn’t hold out much hope for a visit to the chiropractor’s office. But what did I have to lose. Needless to say, at this point, I was feeling a whole lot discouraged.
Going to see Dr. John Battershill was the best decision I’ve ever made!! After just one month of treatments, including home exercises, Eyelights glasses, diet changes and vitamins, my brain fog is totally gone and I see the world again as I once did. I can actually go grocery shopping without the lights driving me to a point of dizziness where I had to leave the store.

My neck pain and headaches have disappeared completely and my dizziness has subsided by 75 percent! Wow! I truly feel alive again and cannot explain how thankful I am for Dr. John and his remarkable staff at RHC. His assistant Leanne is so remarkably wonderful and a very compassionate person. Dr. John is more than just a chiropractor…. he is knowledgeable in so many areas! I truly believe he could treat any health condition. I am forever grateful to Dr. John for giving me back my life!

Thank you Dr. John and the staff at RHC

– Karmen

Concussion Testimonial

September 4, 2014

In my final season in Florida playing softball on an NCAA Division 1 scholarship, my career came to an end when an overthrown ball hit me in the side of the head. After return to play too soon and a poorly handled concussion management protocol, I found myself stuck in the unpredictable world of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). I was in a very dark place, I had NO HOPE, daily life was a struggle, I was unable to function, there was NO END TO THE PERSISTANT SYMPTOMS, I couldn’t go to work, go to school, exercise, or do any of the things that at one time defined me.

After moving home to Calgary from Florida in June, I was told it would take 4 months to get me into a neurologist here. During those 4 months I struggled immensely with daily migraines, sensitivity to light and noise, brain fog, blurry vision, memory loss, and trouble finding words and concentrating. I tried many modalities to help with the symptoms but nothing seemed to help. I was told frequently that the only thing that could help me is rest.

I was referred to Dr. John by another Chiropractor at the end of October and since then my once bleak and unpromising existence has turned into a journey of continual brain improvement and self-discovery. I have seen drastic improvement since being a client at Revelation Health Center; my migraines diminished from daily to about 2-3 times a week. I have noticed longevity with my memory and the ability to focus and concentrate. I have started to have moments of clarity where it feels like my brain can function fully. I can do yoga and walk my dogs. I can also do more than one thing in an entire day without experiencing extreme headache and fatigue.

I attribute this to the amazing combination of treatments including frequent Chiropractic adjustments, dietary changes, LED glasses, the Interactive Metronome, and the Human Performance Lab. I have even started a part-time job this past month and am able to start thinking and working towards my future academic goals again.

I feel as if I am on the last leg of my recovery and I owe that to Dr. John and his assistant Leanne, who took me from being a stagnant, brain injured patient, to a patient who has finally gained the knowledge and power of being able to help herself more effectively deal with Post Concussion Syndrome.

I am now in my second phase of brain rehabilitation and continue to see improvements. The graded and continual progression laid out by Dr. John has given me more than just relief from many of the brain injury symptoms, but the supportive interactions I received from the staff at RHC has allowed me to see myself beyond a brain injured person. I now see myself as a competent, strong, well rounded, loving human being with great potential to lead and maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

– Carrie

Hip and Knee Issues Resolved

September 4, 2014

In July 2012, walking, and especially going up the stairs, was getting more difficult due to the pain in my left knee and hip. My son noted that my lower left leg was bending outward, especially when climbing stairs. He recommended that I see his Chiropractor, Dr. John Battershill, and an appointment took place July 4, 2012.

Upon examination, Dr. John found the muscles in the left leg very weak, the knee unstable, and the back needing to be realigned. Frequent appointments were made during the month of July, and the series of exercises provided by Dr. John was done daily at home including recommended vitamins and supplements taken as prescribed.

Progress in strengthening the muscles was notable, and I have continued to have regular appointments gradually reducing them to every three weeks. The pain in my left knee and hip is considerably reduced, and with continued treatment and exercise, I hope to continue to improve and enjoy an active lifestyle.

I am happy that Dr. John Battershill was able to teach an 83 year old how to improve the level of fitness necessary to enjoy life. Thank You!!!

– Elaine

Dramatic Improvement From Hockey Concussion

September 4, 2014

After suffering my 20th concussion I couldn’t concentrate, had terrible headaches, memory lapses, and was exhausted. I was getting worse and needed help.

After only two sessions with Dr. John using Quantum Neurology™ I was well on my way to recovery, and now I have NO related concussion symptoms and am feeling mentally and physically better than I have for years.

No words can replicate the feeling of how dramatically I’ve improved from the mental and physical despair I was suffering to where I am today.

– Kevin B.

Dr. Battershill is my Primary Health Care Provider

September 4, 2014

My life has changed so much since I first started chiropractic care in your skilled hands. I have had many injuries that required me to compensate so that I could perform my daily activities. My foot injury led to lower back problems, and then neck issues.

Top rated Podiatrists, several pairs of expensive orthotics, physiotherapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists did not provide results.

Through Dr. John’s Chiropractic treatments and using supplements to address nutritional deficiencies, I no longer need orthotics and enjoy climbing mountains again. I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. John and have received only positive comments and words of thanks.

In my opinion the quality of service care and the value provided by Dr. Battershill is the best investment a person could make in their body.

– Neil M.

Chiropractic Returned My Mother’s Vision

September 4, 2014

Back in the 1920’s, when she was 13, my mother fell down a flight of stairs causing her to go blind. She was blind for 4 years and was taken to various “experts” to see if a solution could be found. Nothing worked until someone suggested seeing a Chiropractor.

After just three sessions her sight returned, and the explanation was that the optic nerve had been pressured by the spine and, when relieved, the sight returned. I hope this true story gives inspiration to someone.

– Paul B.

High cholesterol and heart attack

September 4, 2014

My heart attack occurred in March 2008. Prior to this I had high blood pressure which was ‘controlled’ by medication. No evidence of high cholesterol before or at present.

That day in March 2008 I was transported to Emergency where their tests showed I had had a heart attack. I was given angioplasty to clear the clogged artery and insert a stent.

At my 2 year check up, and after regular Chiropractic and Wellness care from Dr. Battershill, the cardiologist found that the damaged heart muscle had healed and was functioning properly. He reduced the strength of two of my medications. My Echocardiogram and X-rays showed no abnormalities!

– Ruby K.

Help for my grade 2 concussion

September 4, 2014

I suffered a grade 2 concussion in a men’s league hockey game – after nearly a month I was still off work and dealing with dizziness, light sensitivity, constant ringing in my ears and exhaustion. It was often painful to move my eyes and getting out of the house to buy groceries was difficult and some days impossible.

Medical doctors told me to wait and rest and that symptoms would eventually lessen. Although some days were better than others, no one was monitoring my progress.

After the first two treatments with Dr. John I noticed improvement in my ability to handle stimulus – he applied several adjustments and exercises that allowed me to do more before the onset of symptoms and reduced the discomfort.

After the fourth treatment I noticed the biggest change – I had trouble driving to the appointment and when I arrived my eyes were hurting badly and all sound and light were overwhelming. After a series of cranial adjustments I was noticeably stronger. As I left the appointment the ringing had increased slightly, but I had no difficulty on the drive home – before the treatment I wondered if I’d need to call a taxi.

I’m a very active person – I work in a stressful industry and play hard outdoors on my weekends – after my concussion I went from that to being shut in and unable to do the simplest of tasks. But with the help of Dr’ John – who has suffered serious concussions himself – I quickly increased my level of function to the point where I’ve now gone five days with few if any symptoms. There’s no magic cure for a concussion, but I firmly believe I would not be as far along in my recovery today if it were not for him. Thanks for everything Dr. John!

– Bill

Quantum Neurology Helped my Bulging Disc

September 4, 2014

After struggling with a bulging disc for over two years and meeting with all kinds of specialists I had given up hope of recovery until I met Dr. John. Not only did he help to heal my disc, he provided me with valuable advice on how to live a healthier, all around better life. Dr. John has the knowledge to get to the very root of the problem and he begins to heal you from a bio chemical standpoint (from the inside out). For a period of about 3 months I stopped going for his treatments because I felt great. This was a mistake because I soon started having problems with my neck.
I was in a dizzy haze, couldn’t focus on anything and my ability to recall information was virtually gone. I immediately went back to get treatment and Dr. John had something new to show me. It is called Quantum Neurology; He used small lasers and a series of tests to pinpoint the source of my discomfort. After one session I was completely lifted from the dizzy haze and I was able to focus once more. This isn’t an instant cure all but I was shocked at how fast it subsided these serious symptoms. My path to betterment is one that I must work on throughout my life, but having a Dr. that embraces new technology and actually cares about his patents is a key stepping stone to improving your quality of life.
Jesse S.

I have been a patient of Dr. John Battershill for nearly 20 years.

September 4, 2014

Over the years I have learned a great deal and I have been inspired by Dr. John to pursue whole health. In 1993 he helped me to get rid of parasites through strict diet and a variety of natural supplements. I had tried the drug route twice – unsuccessfully – before this.
During my childhood I was on antibiotics very frequently for strep throat. By adulthood they were no longer effective for me. Dr. John has also helped me to get over all kinds of illness including bronchial pneumonia without the use of antibiotics. I have not been on antibiotics since 1994! My first line of defense for my family is to see Dr. John; as I desire for the problem to be fixed as opposed to merely having the symptoms bandaged!

Frozen shoulder

July 15, 2014

Twenty-one years ago I ended up with a frozen right shoulder due to adverse working conditions.
It became quite painful. I could not raise my arm higher than shoulder level and had a hard time shifting gears in my vehicle. It also slowed down my other activities.

It was depressing because I did not think it could be cured after my doctor told me they could try a Cortisone injection, but if that did not do it, I would most likely have to ‘live with it’.

Then I consulted with Dr. Battershill about it. He went to work on it for about 6 weeks and, without any drugs, he got my shoulder completely back to normal. I have not had the slightest problem with my shoulder since then.

I am very grateful. Thanks again Dr. Battershill.


– George K.

Relief from Chikungunya Virus

February 2, 2014

Dr. John’s holistic approach to treatment has brought me from near incapacity to full function again, and I am so grateful for his knowledge and skill. In September/14, I arrived home from a trip to the Caribbean where I had contracted chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus for which there is no cure. It is similar to dengue fever. This illness produces severe, debilitating pain which affected me so badly my arms were nearly frozen by razor sharp pains in shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs and fingers, and my feet swelled up until walking and driving became very difficult. I desperately needed help but did not want to risk ending up on pain killers and/or cortisone injections. After being introduced to Dr. John, I wondered if chiropractic treatment might relieve my symptoms by possibly improving my circulation and getting my body in a stronger position to start healing itself. And it has worked so well!
Once my treatment began, Dr. John’s explanation that inflammation of internal organs, especially the liver, can affect the external body, the joints, and that a combination of supplements and spinal adjustments would gradually “peel the onion skin” back to health made sense to me. Along with the spinal adjustments, Dr. John worked on my painful arms and feet to gradually increase my range of motion and showed me simple massage techniques to stimulate my inflamed liver and intestines. I started seeing Dr. John in November/14 and within two months, by end of January/15, was pain free and completely functional again.
C. Joseph

Journey towards Healing with Chiropractic and the Re-Gain Your Brain Program

January 2, 2014

A couple of months ago I came as a new patient to Revelation Health Centre, to work with Dr. Battershill and his staff.

Over the past year I have been recovering from a 4 year battle with a debilitating illness that dramatically impacted both my physical and neurological health. Due to a very severe infectious disease, I spent over 3 years bedridden- unable to walk or talk, and struggled with severe pain, organ dysfunction and dramatic neurological symptoms. Prior to getting ill I was a healthy, athletic, high school student with no history of illness.

When I arrived at Revelation Health Centre for my first assessment with Dr. Battershill, I had come a long way towards healing and recovery, however, I was still struggling with several areas of dysfunction that were holding me up from full recovery. The unique and comprehensive treatment approach used by Dr. Battershill has improved the following areas of concern for me: posture, sleep, overall energy, mental stamina and concentration, and mind/body coordination.

I am very impressed with the innovative and comprehensive approach of Dr. Battershill and am really pleased with the gains I have made in a short time.

Thank you Dr. Battershill and Leanne for your work with me, and I look forward to further gains as I continue on my journey towards healing and full, active living.


Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

December 18, 2013

At thirteen years old, I experienced severe brain trauma. At the age of 60, I was displaying many of the symptoms of dementia, including a growing inability to follow conversations, complete a task such as cooking dinner, a growing loss of balance and a significant loss of memory. My neck movements were very limited and painful. An osteopath said that I could not be helped as I had a degenerative disc. At one point, my doctor had me taken by ambulance from his office, due to fears of a stroke, symptoms which had become quite normal for me. I went on medical leave from teaching, and retired the following year.

Within a month of treatment by Doctor John Battershill and his wonderful assistant, Leanne, my husband and family doctor could see a significant improvement. My poor balance showed marked improvement; for the first time in several years, I am again walking confidently across snowy pathways and am able to do yoga balances that had never been possible for me. I can again grocery shop alone without losing my cart and prepare meals unsupervised. The greatest joy for me is being able to participate in and remember the conversations of my children and husband.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. John for the new lease he has given me on life. Together with vitamin therapy, good nutrition and meditation, he has enabled me to again enjoy a life of good health, hope and happiness.

With gratitude,