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What is BrainTap? How is it “Stress Relief”?

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BrainTap is a stress relief / healing tool that helps your mind and body to get out of “high-stress” mode by stimulating your nervous system through the use of light and sound.

Lights in the earphones calm the nervous system while lights in the eye visor help you stay relaxed. These lights flash in synchronization with the sound of relaxing music, ambient nature and soothing voices.

BrainTap is the latest and greatest non-surgical, drug-free medical technology used for PTSD treatment, stress relief and enhancing brain function. Over 1000 leading doctors around the world currently use this neurotechnology but only a few clinics in Calgary have it!

At Revelation Health Centre, BrainTap can be used alone or as an additional treatment option for other services we offer including:

What are the Benefits of BrainTap?

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This extensively researched medical technology has helped thousands of clinical patients over three decades overcome a wide range of health issues.

By using BrainTap for just 20 minutes a day, these users reported:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved overall quality of life
  • Increased relaxation and better sleeps
  • Increased brain function, keeps the mind sharp
  • Enhanced creativity, focus, memory and productivity
  • Reduced or eliminated unwanted behaviours and habits
  • Reduced or eliminated negative thoughts and brain fogginess

Learn more about BrainTap Technology, the Benefits & What to Expect, straight from the mouth of its inventor and watch this video.

How Does BrainTap Work?

BrainTap creates a seamless synchronization of light patterns and sound frequencies that helps guide you towards better balance between the left and right hemispheres of your brain while relaxing brainwave activity. In simpler words, the device promotes your relaxation response and reverses the effects of stress on your body.

Five powerful technologies are used in conjunction with one another to help the user relax, reboot and strengthen their busy brain. They are:

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#1 – Guided Visuals

With over 700 choices of audio-sessions across 43 various categories, you have full reign over what you choose to heal in your life.

Examples of audio-sessions:

  • PTSD Treatments – #1 – Making peace
  • Say No to Cancer – #1 – Living a cancer-free lifestyle
  • Stress Relief – Eliminating negative thinking
  • Healthy Sleep Habits – Deep sleep and let go of fears forever
  • Life Mastery – Transform procrastination into total motivation
  • Learning Series – Setting goals for learning success
  • Alcohol Series – #1 – Breaking beliefs and behavioural patterns
  • 8 Steps to Coping w/ Grief – #1 – Acknowledge the impact of loss

See a full list of the BrianTap audio-sessions and categories available to you here.

#2 – Beats & Tones

Embedded tones mimic relaxed brainwave activity, guiding your brain to an exceptional level of functioning that would otherwise take many months to achieve through practice.

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#3 – Auriculotherapy

Meridians in the ears, also called “trigger points”, have been shown to create equilibrium between the body’s organs and systems. Acupuncture is typically used to stimulate these points, although light frequencies have the same effect.

BrainTap earphones each have 9 lights that stimulate these trigger points, providing stress relief and assistance with treating several other health conditions such as PTSD.

#4 – Light Frequencies

Flashing lights train the brain to produce healthy brainwaves, helping the user strengthen their mental capacity to deal with stress and accomplish their goals.

#5 – Holographic Musicblack white musical notes music therapy braintap technology calgary

Sounds played in the earphones are designed to stimulate the mind through the creation of relaxing thoughts and delightful images.

These are comprised of multiple sounds all at once; for example, one program may have a waterfall in the background while birds chirp and a soft-spoken man tells you to relax using different words.

Why BrainTap?

If you are tired of sleepless nights, having anxiety, feeling stressed or are lacking performance, BrainTap may be for you!

There is a growing amount of clinical research that shows how visualization supports equilibrium between the mind and body. Visualization plays a key role in calming our mind, relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure and slowing our breathing / heart rate, resulting in stress relief and several other health benefits for users.

Thousands of men and woman around the world are living better, enriched lives because of this brain technology, some of whom never thought they could! Is it time for you to try BrainTap?

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