How Concussions are Treated at Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic Clinic

Step-by-Step Guide to How We Treat Concussions at Revelation Health Centre

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Have you suffered a concussion and are looking to get it treated in Calgary, Alberta? If so, Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic uses a holistic approach to help you recover from a concussion as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Here’s how our highly experienced chiropractors go through the post-concussion treatment process with you, step-by-step. Also see these 5 Crucial Steps to Reaching Optimal Health Through Chiropractic Care today.


Step #1 – Neurological Assessment

We begin by doing functional neurological assessment that helps us to identify the areas of the brain that are injured in the concussion / traumatic brain injury.

Step #2 – Posture Assessment

Assess posture because 90 percent of the input to the brain comes from the spine. If posture isn’t correct, then the healthy input from the body to the brain decreases which increases the likelihood of symptoms such as:

  • Fogginess
  • Loss of memory
  • Lack of ability to organize one’s self
  • Perform basic everyday functions

Step #3 – Balance Assessment

Test balance and identify patient tolerance level, then recommend home exercises based on this information to help restore healthy balance. Balance is one important expression of healthy output from the brain.

Step #4 – Timing & Rhythm Assessment

Assess the rhythm and timing of the brain because healthy input creates healthy output. The ratio we need to create just one healthy muscle coordination / rhythm / timing output is 40 healthy inputs!

Step #5 – Chiropractic Assessment

Chiropractic spinal assessment for functional nerve root compression’s because every concussion also comes with a whiplash component in the neck of varying severity.

Step #6 – Nutritional Testing

Testing for nutrition that will restore healthy neuron transmission. Certain vitamins are suggested to each patient on an individual basis and it becomes their choice if they want to follow that recommendation.

Step #7 – Recommendations

Healthy lifestyle recommendations to prevent over-stimulation and overloading of the brain that would create a relapse in symptoms.


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A Closing Remark…

Concussion injuries to the brain are unique and specific for each patient.

The mode of injury – meaning whether there is torque or shearing forces on the blood vessels and neurons inside the brain – will determine how long it will take to restore healthy neuron firing and cure symptoms of concussion.

Essentially we re-wire the brain to function at optimum by stimulating it with conservative exercise programs relating to the five senses on an individual basis for each patient.


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