3 Reasons to Book Your Chiropractic Appointment at RHC

3 Reasons to Book Your Next Chiropractic Appointment at Revelation Health Centre

Dr. John Battershill, NW Calgary Chiropractor, Kensington District


#1 – We treat the root cause of pain and symptoms

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Chiropractic care begins with looking for relief from pain and symptoms.

After just one, two or maybe even several treatments, you are more than likely to begin feeling relief and then have the opportunity make sure that your symptoms do not come back through preventative maintenance chiropractic care.

Preventative treatments are opportunistic for you as a patient to show up to the clinic without any acute symptoms or pain patterns because at this point you are healthy and looking to maintain what you’ve gained.

This is the symbolism of expanding your cushion of adaptability to stress by receiving regular chiropractic care with just one visit every four to six weeks to help maintain alignment and allow your body to reinforce healthy motion through regular motion patterns of everyday life. These preventative visits also give you the opportunity to create input into your nervous system which feeds into your organs, glands and tissues while also activating your immune system.

Our goal is to move our patients away from pain and symptoms and into health over the long term.


#2 – Extensive experience in chiropractic care

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Revelation Health Centre chiropractor Dr. John has nearly three decades of experience in treating patients, giving him a level of knowledge, skill and experience that can help him to treat nearly any health condition through a drug-free and holistic approach.

Furthermore, Dr. John has achieved success in several post-secondary educational courses which have helped him to increase his specializations and treat more complex problems such as dementia and concussions.

The vast experience of Dr. John is certainly is to the benefit for every patient that books an appointment with him.


#3 – Unique patient care and state-of-the-art technology

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Our unique patient care is tailored to the needs and health concerns of each individual who walks in through our doors. We are most interested in seeing the goals that you have as a patient are met within the shortest time frame possible.

Also, since we have relocated our clinic from 713 14th Street NW to 403 10th Street NW (St. John’s on Tenth Condo), we have a brand new interior featuring all the bells and whistles that any new chiropractic and wellness centre should have in order to treat patients best.

A great example would be our HUBER Body Motion Lab seen to the right, also known as the Human Body Equilibrium Lab. This state-of-the-art machine helps people heal all sorts of health ailments by requesting input from the body, which in turn helps reconnect nerve synapses through output from the brain.

Furthermore, going hand-in-hand with our brand new office location is a clean and comfortable atmosphere to maximize your patient experience!


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Contact us anytime at 403-284-2082 or send us a message below using the contact form and we will be happy to book you in at your earliest convenience. See Revelation Health Centre’s Hours of Operation and Location here.

We are looking forward to helping you attain your personal health goals!

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