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Concussion Therapy

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Do you have BACK Pain which could include Low Back Pain/Sciatica? Or do you have a Disc Injury, Neck Pain, Headaches, Concussion and/or Traumatic Brain Injury, Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Injuries, TMJ (Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder), Frozen Shoulder, Knee or Foot problems or even want Dementia Prevention? Or perhaps you wish to maintain your current health? Chiropractic can assist with all these areas.

Concussion/Brain Therapy

Have you recently sustained a blow to the head or neck, been in a car accident, hit your head on something, been diagnosed with a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, or other neurological problems?  Do you experience dizziness, memory problems, attention difficulties, sensitivity to light or noise?

Disc Rehab
Disc Rehab/Decompression Therapy

A safe and comfortable adjustment technique for the treatment of disc bulges/herniation and joint injuries in the neck and lower back. Are you experiencing: sciatica pain, sore neck or back, tingling in your arms, fingers, legs or toes?

Interactive Metronome

Do you trip easily, walk into furniture or walls, have problems saying what you want to? Is your short term memory lacking? Are you not as precise or organized as you wish?  Do you have a concussion or other neurological condition? Do you have a learning disability or ADD/ADHD? Fine tuning your brain clock may be one starting point.

Sports Injuries/Active Release Technique (ART)

Have you received a recent sports injury, have knee, ankle, shoulder or wrist issues? Sports injury examination involves assessing all tissues in the joint to identify injury facilitating faster rehab.  The Active Release Technique is used primarily in muscle and joint problems.  This technique is a soft tissue management system….

Body Brain Balancer

Have you tried a number of therapies with less success than you wanted? You know something isn’t quite right with your body or brain but haven’t found the right help? The Body Brain Balancer has a bottom up approach which means your brain will get the stimulation it needs to communicate effectively with the body.

Applied Kinesiology

A diagnostic system using manual muscle testing to enhance normal orthopaedic examination procedures. This system connects the dots between the symptoms and the cause of the symptoms.


Are your feet happy or do you struggle with Plantar fasciitis, Bunions, Hammer toe, Corns. Leg pain, Knee pain or even Ankle pain? Would orthotics help? Has your MD Recommended orthotics? We can help. We have the latest and greatest technology. New orthotics with a few simple pictures and short turn around time. Come check them out.

Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy

Is inflammation a concern? Do you have a wound which is not healing? Does your arthritis flair up? Please check out the benefits of laser therapy

King Devick
King Devick Baseline Training

How will you know if you or a loved one has sustained a concussion or if they have recovered from a concussion? Are you at risk for or concerned about your brain slowing down, poor memory, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, extreme sleep deprivation, or ALS?

Dementia Prevention

Are you feeling old before your time? Do you want to avoid getting old? Concerned about staying sharp, alert, active… Call us today.